NIH Churchills used for Propaganda Purposes by the Axis

German Propaganda

On Tuesday, 1st March 1943, C Squadron under command of Major Welch arrived a Beja going immediately into action to capture the village of Sedjenane and the surrounding small hills.

Extract from NIH Battle Report, Page 10:
"At 0200 hours Wednesday, 1st Commandos began to retire and reported that the Lincolns were still in Sedjenane and that they were surrounded. The Brigadier ordered the tanks to advance at first light and to drive the enemy from the village. No infantry or artillery support was possible. The tanks advanced down the road and encountered no opposition until the outskirts of the village where the point tank [Cookstown] was knocked out by a shot from a 50 mm. anti-tank gun." The crew managed to bale out, sadly except for one, the others were killed or wounded by snipers."

Thirty days later the Germans were driven out of Sedjenane, however, not before taking photographs of her as a "captured tank" plus the three shown below - different photographs to those used by the Italians.

My thanks to Paolo Savini of Roncofreddo, Italy, for providing the photographs published by Wehrmachtspropaganda.

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