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World War One

Deployment Record

Organisational Timeline 1914-1919

North Irish Horse in WW I - Data and Diaries

Recipients of 1914 Stars

Recipients of 1914-1915 Stars - Officers

Record of British and Victory Medals Issued

Individual Personnel Records

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World War Two

North Irish Horse Battle Reports

North Irish Horse Diaries

North Irish Horse Personnel Records, WW II.

Award of the Maple Leaf of Canada, May 1944 - Reprints from the Belfast Telegraph

Correspondence re Breaking the Hitler Line, 23rd May 1944

Field-Marshal Alexander's Special Order of the Day, Italy 1945

8th Army Service of Thanksgiving, Italy 1945

8th Army Tank States - Churchill Brigades in Italy

25th Army Tank Brigade
Technical Intelligence Summary No.1 PzKpfw. VI Tiger

RA v Tiger in Tunisia - US Army Report

Poems witten by Trooper Jack Neilson, MM & Bar, C Squadron, North Irish Horse

78th Infantry (Battleaxe) Division - Battle for Longstop.

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