1 SEPTEMBER 1917 TO 9 JUNE 1919



9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

September 1917


Havrincourt Wood. K.31.c.0.0 Sheet 57C. Working parties supplied to 12th Rifles for front line areas.


Working parties as above and for tunnelling, camouflaging etc.


Ruyaulcourt. P.10.c.8.4. Headquarters and D.C. [Divisional Command?] moved to Ruyaulcourt at 8pm and accommodated in tents and Nissen huts. Captain J.E Gibson Officer Commanding details at Havrincourt Wood. Working parties as usual.


Ruyaulcourt. Working parties as usual.


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion took over line from 12 Rifles and disposed as follows. A Company – Battalion Reserve at K.31.c (Broken House Dump), 2 Platoon to reserve trench at Q.2.a.4.8; B Company – Headquarters at K.32.c.8.4, two Platoons front line trench from Hubert Avenue K.32.c.8.5 to K.32.a.6.8. One Platoon at Yorkshire Bank; C Company – Headquarters K.32.a.2.4, front trench on Yorkshire Bank, also the four forward posts; D Company at K.26.a.6.3. Locality R.3. Relief completed before midnight. No casualties.


Havrincourt Wood. Day very quiet. Situation normal and no casualties. We constructed wire entanglements in front of our advanced outpost line and improved our communication trenches on Yorkshire Bank.


Havrincourt Wood. Enemy fired a few small minnen werfers (pineapples) around Yorkshire Bank. Our trench mortars retaliating with good effect. Our own and enemy machine guns quiet. Work – our wire entanglements and trenches improved at Yorkshire Bank. Patrols – nothing to report. No casualties.


Havrincourt Wood. Very quiet day. There was little trench mortar or machine gun fire during the day. A German called across to our men "Jock, have you been here before"? He got no reply however. 2nd Lieutenant Partridge and four men went out on a patrol. They did not come in contact with enemy. Wire entanglements and deepening of communication trench on Yorkshire Bank continued.


Havrincourt Wood. A quiet day in the trenches. Some enemy trench mortars fired around Yorkshire Bank, and a plane of his flew very low over the Bank. We carried out work on the Bank, wiring and improving trenches and deepening new trenches at R.3. No casualties.[2]


Havrincourt Wood. Enemy fired a few light minen werfers about R.3 and the cage. Also a few pineapples at junction of front line and Henley Avenue. We fired with Vesuvius and Wigan Copse and also dispersed enemy working party or patrol at Etna. Work on trenches and wiring carried out. No casualties.[3]


Havrincourt Wood. At 3.30am an enemy patrol (7) approached our line south of Yorkshire Bank and were driven off, but without casualties. R.3 shelled late in the evening. Lieutenant J.A.L Johnston (D Company) was severely wounded in jaw, leg and foot, and had to go to hospital. The day generally was somewhat more lively than usual.


Havrincourt Wood. A patrol under 2nd Lieutenant Partridge which went out at 10pm on 11th inst for purpose of ambushing an enemy patrol lay out at K.32.b.5.4 until 4am without having seen the enemy. This patrol worked in conjunction with one of 13th Royal Irish Rifles. A number of 5.9 high explosives were fired by the enemy around R.3 (D Company) resulting in blocking of communication trench. One Other Rank (B Company) was badly wounded in the left eye.


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. Battalion moved in to Divisional Reserve at about 8pm on being relieved in the front line by 12th Royal Irish Rifles. Earlier in the day about 3pm the enemy shelled Yorkshire Bank. We had no casualties.


Ruyaulcourt. Morning spent cleaning up. Working parties in afternoon.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades under Company arrangements. The Brigadier visited the Transport for whom lines are in course of construction. Hutting in progress under 2nd Lieutenant Bennet (Works Officer). Works party of ten Other Ranks working after dusk at new Company Headquarters in line at R.3.


Ruyaulcourt. Church Parades. Reverend. F.J Halahan, Senior Chaplain to the Forces, preached and conducted service for Church of England, combined Bands of 1st and 9th Battalions attended. Football match in afternoon versus 13th Royal Irish Rifles, whom we beat by 6 – 0. Working party of twenty Other Ranks at R.3 after dusk.


Ruyaulcourt. Battalion paraded at 10.30am for inspection by the Corps Commander who expressed his satisfaction in generous terms of the appearance of the Battalion and the Transport. Working parties carried on in afternoon and evening.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades and working parties as usual.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades, bathing and working parties as usual. The Battalion football team beat the 108th Brigade team by two goals to one after a good tussle.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades as usual and working parties. Cross-country run in the afternoon, all available Officers and men taking part.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Battalion relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the line, relief completed at 9.45pm. Dispositions: A Company – Headquarters at K.32.c.8.4, two Platoons in front line trench from Hubert Avenue K.32.c.8.5 to K.32.a.6.8, one Platoon on Yorkshire Bank; B Company in Battalion Reserve at K.31.c (Broken House Dump); C Company – Headquarters K.32.a.2.4 Garrison – Yorkshire Bank; D Company at K.26.a.6.3 locality R.3. No casualties. Night quiet.


Havrincourt Wood. A quiet day in trenches and no casualties. 2nd Lieutenant T.E Crosbie and seven Other Ranks patrolled right front of Slagheap from 10pm to 12 midnight.


Havrincourt Wood. Another very quiet day. 2nd Lieutenant G.H Richardson and seven Other Ranks patrolled vicinity of Wigan Copse, and brought back useful information re German wire. Enemy not encountered and no casualties.


Havrincourt Wood. Day very fine and quiet in trenches. German plane brought down by one of ours apparently in our lines near Hermies. 2nd Lieutenant Gilliard and seven Other Ranks patrolled between 10pm and 12.10am 24/25th near Dean Copse. No casualties.


Havrincourt Wood. Our guns very active all early morning. No enemy retaliation until about 10am when Slag Heap was heavily shelled, one direct hit on front line causing four casualties to our men. Three Other Ranks were killed and one mortally wounded and died same afternoon. [4]

Three-hundred and four Other Ranks from North Irish Horse joined Battalion today, our Band playing them in to Ruyaulcourt where they were toasted right royally.


Havrincourt Wood. Uneventful day. Ten Other Ranks proceeded to Divisional Signalling School for course. Football match in afternoon at Transport lines. We defeated a team picked from the North Irish Horse draft by 2–1.


Havrincourt Wood. Some desultory shelling indulged in during the day by enemy and our artillery. Situation quiet. Weather continues fine.


Havrincourt Wood. Our aeroplanes active. Enemy shelling along Canal bank and clear of Faugh-A-Ballagh Bridge. More active than usual. He did us [no] damage whatever. Draft of 42 Other Ranks rejoined at Transport lines.


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. Battalion moved in to Brigade Reserve, relief by 12th Royal Irish Rifles being completed at about 10pm. Very quiet day. One Other Rank was slightly wounded during the day. Total casualties for tour – three killed, one died of wounds, one wounded.


Ruyaulcourt. Church of England and Presbyterians paraded for Divine Service at 12 noon. The Corps Commander attended the former service.

The following Officers reported for duty: Major V.G Whitla, Captain F.G Uprichard, Captain John Grant, 2nd Lieutenant R.A Orr, 2nd Lieutenant John Scott, 2nd Lieutenant R.L Smith. Football match in afternoon. Battalion team versus North Irish Horse draft. Battalion team won by 2 – 1.

Strength:                                Officers                  Other Ranks

                                Effective      51                                      970

                                Fighting       44                                      881

                                Ration          34                                      731


Appendix No.I attached.


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel


9th (Service) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers



Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly



Whitla V.G



Menaul W.J                          Command

Gibson J.E

Ferguson A (Adjutant)

Henehan M

Flood R.S

Uprichard F.G

Grant J



Godson E.A                          Command

Mitchel F.D

Barcroft G.E


2nd Lieutenants

Richardson G.H

Joshnston [sic] G.I.O'F

Crothers A.V                         Command

Woods J

Hamilton E                             Command

Cooke J.A

Partridge F.C

McCausland I.E

Bennet J.C

Turner E.J.L

Young J.B.A

Partridge J.H

Davidson A                          Command

Smith J.I                 Command

Crosbie T.E.C

Maxwell A.F

Gilmer E.H                              Command

Kerr C.H

Galloway A.J                         Command

Irvine W.F                             Command

Connar H.P                            Command

Connor J.H                            Command

Montgomery E.M                Command

Gilliard T.A

Brady H.J                               Command

Martin L.H

Dobbyn A.L

Graham W.G

Prenter D

Murphy J.J

Orr R.A

Scott J

Smith R.L



Hony Lieutenant Wilson G.W



Lieutenant Richman S.H,  Royal Army Medical Corps,  U.S.A.

Captain Mayes S,  Chaplain to the Forces


                [Signed] P Kelly

                Lieutenant Colonel

                Commanding 9th (Service) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

                30 September 1917




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

October 1917


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. Parades, working parties and sports carried on. Brigadier-General R.J Kentish D.S.O visited the Battalion.


Ruyaulcourt. Brigadier-General R.J Kentish D.S.O again visited the Battalion and lunched at Headquarters Mess.

Training etc carried on as usual. The under-named Officers from North Irish Horse joined Battalion for duty today: 2nd Lieutenants W.H Hutchinson, F.J Whalen, H.S Dean, C.B Larter.


Ruyaulcourt. Training per programme, and preparation for sports. Battalion football team drew with 108th F.A (1 goal all) after a keen tussle. Major G.J Brew rejoined from Senior Officers' Course, Aldershot, and assumed Second-in-Command of Battalion.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades, working parties and recreational training as usual.


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. Holiday for the Battalion, and sports carried on from 10am all day. There were various inter-Regimental, Brigade and Divisional contests. Our 1st Battalion (107th Brigade) attended in large numbers and in our competitions with them we secured fifteen 'firsts' and seven 'seconds' to their seven 'firsts' and five 'seconds'.


Ruyaulcourt. Very wet day until late in afternoon and all parades had to be cancelled. Captain Hulse reported for duty.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Church Parades in morning. Battalion relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles at night and are disposed as follows:

A Company on right (two Platoons in front line, one Platoon in reserve line);

B Company in reserve (at Broken House Dump);

C Company Yorkshire Bank (one Platoon in reserve at Cheetham Switch north of Henley Avenue);

D Company R.3 (One Platoon in Mine Dugout at J.36.b.10.2).

Very wet afternoon and evening, and working parties in line were cancelled.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Corps have ordered all Battalions to be continually on the offensive while holding the line. Consequently the Battalion will organize patrols nightly (weather permitting) and raids will be carried out at fixed periods. Owing to very bad weather no patrols went out on night of 7/8. Very quiet in the line, afternoon and night very wet and men got special issue of rum.


Havrincourt Wood. Generally quiet day on our front and weather broken and cold. Three Other Ranks were slightly wounded by shell-fire.

Headquarters Officers gallantly led by the C.O & C.O.2 started on the sand-bagging of Headquarters mess. The Padre and Doctor claimed they did the lion's share of the work, but evidently they never worked before!

Thirty-three Other Ranks joined from reinforcement camp.


Havrincourt Wood. Another very quiet day. Nothing of note occurred.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Quiet day. Major Ferguson left Headquarters to go to Rouen to check Battalion Records at 3rd Echelon. B Company relieved D Company at R.3, and A Company relieved C Company on Yorkshire Bank.


Havrincourt Wood. Quiet day. The Divisional Commander and Brigadier visited Headquarters. Captain A Hulse detailed as member of Court Martial today at Neuville.

Draft ninety Other Ranks joined from Divisional Reinforcement Camp, eighteen being old hands, and 72 North Irish Horse. The Commanding Officer busy over details re North Irish Horse amalgamation with this Battalion.

2nd Lieutenant J.A Cooke acting Adjutant pending arrival of Captain G.W.N Barefoot MC of the 1st Battalion.


Havrincourt Wood. Quiet day in front line. The news of mutiny in the German Navy was received with much interest in the Battalion.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Fine day and quiet in the line. Nothing of note happened. The Commanding Officer proceeded on leave, and Major Brew assumed Command.


Ruyaulcourt P.10.c.8.4. Battalion relieved in the line by 12th Royal Irish Rifles, after a tour in which our casualties were particularly low, viz: three slightly wounded. We are now in our new Battalion Headquarters – Nissen huts, and have quite a good Mess room. A recreation room for Officers is under construction. We are in Divisional Reserve during this tour out.


Ruyaulcourt. Morning spent cleaning up, kit inspection etc. Usual working parties here and in the line.

Captain G.W.N Barefoot reported for duty (from 1st Battalion).


Ruyaulcourt. Captain Barefoot assumed the duties of Adjutant.

The enemy shelled this village this morning from 8am to 9.30am. He sent over about twenty shells (4.2) and slightly wounded one man of the Battalion and one Other Rank of Labour Battalion. Captain Despard C.B and Lieutenant Vesey G.W having reported for duty were taken on the strength.


Ruyaulcourt. Improvements being carried out in our reserve billets. Pathway to Battalion Headquarters levelled, and Officers' Ante-room nearing completion. The following 2nd Lieutenants are granted permission to wear badges of Lieutenant pending Gazette: E.J.L Turner, J Woods, J.A Cooke, E Hamilton, and I.E McCausland.

The 8/9 Rifles beat our Soccer team at Equancourt by one goal to nil after an excellent game.


Ruyaulcourt. Parades and working parties as usual and good progress is being made improvements in the billets and village generally. The weather continues good. Captain R.S Flood granted one month's special leave and proceeded today.


Ruyaulcourt P.10.c.8.4. Very fine day. Divisional Steeplechase held in the area. Eighty Other Ranks and many of the Officers attended and the sport was very good. The following Officers joined the Battalion today: 2nd Lieutenants G.T.L Bayliff, S.F Moran, H.D Jack.


Church Parades in morning and Rugby football in the afternoon (first practice). A very fine day.

The following decorations have been awarded for gallantry in the field at Ypres on 16th August 1917:

Military Cross – Captain T.F Given, Captain R.S Flood, Captain O.V Burrows Royal Army Medical Corps, Regimental Sergeant Major C.H Turner;

Distinguished Conduct Medal – 17545 Sergeant S Carvell;

Military Medal – 13971 Sergeant J Adams, 14555 Sergeant J McCullough, 14720 Sergeant A Jurkington, 16117 Acting Corporal R.W Knaggs, 14748 Lance Corporal Whiteside S, 23926 Private Shanks C, 20353 Private Rogers J, 24174 Lance Corporal Jackson E, 22562 Private Steele G, 14154 Private Elliott J, 14566 Private McCormick R.J, 15864 Private Lynn W.J, 14447 Private Morton J.

These awards were announced on 4th October 1917.


Ruyaulcourt P.10.c.8.4. Usual parades and working parties. Our 'Soccer' team defeated 108th Brigade team today by 8-1.

Major Ferguson reported back from Rouen.


Ruyaulcourt. Very wet morning. Nothing of note occurred today.


Havrincourt Wood, K.31.c.0.0. Battalion relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles in line. Relief completed 10.30pm. Dispositions: A Company Yorkshire Bank, one Platoon in reserve in Cheetham Switch, north of Henley Avenue; B Company on right, two Platoons in front line, one Platoon in reserve line; C Company in reserve; D Company in R3, with one Platoon in mined dugout at J.36.b.10.20. No casualties. Quiet night.


Havrincourt Wood. Quiet day in line. Night 25/26 our fighting patrols dislodged enemy from Wigan Copse and rifle pits to north of it at 2am.


Havrincourt Wood. Quiet during day. At night enemy again occupied Wigan Copse and was definitely driven out again at 9pm. Our fighting patrol suffered two casualties – one man killed and one slightly injured. At 10pm enemy obtained a direct hit on our right Lewis Gun post on Yorkshire Bank with a heavy trench mortar, killing three men.[5]


Havrincourt Wood, K.31.c.0.0. Our machine guns active during day, and night 27/28. Enemy machine guns also active. Artillery on both sides active. Commanding Officer returned from leave. Enemy did not attempt to reoccupy Wigan Copse tonight.


Havrincourt Wood. A quiet day in the line. Our artillery active during day and night. Bosches seen in Dean Copse dispersed by our Lewis Gun fire. Weather good with bright moonlight nights.


Havrincourt Wood. Our artillery active during day, firing on usual targets. Enemy very quiet. At night ten enemy left Etna and entered Dean Copse (5.15pm). At 11pm patrol of about twenty enemy seen relieving sentries at Etna and Dean. They came by way of Wigan and along wire to Etna. Heavily fired on by our Lewis Guns and rifles, and it is believed they suffered casualties.


Havrincourt Wood. Enemy more active with his machine guns. Single shots fired from enemy fixed rifle or machine gun on duckboard track leading to central Company Headquarters from Henley Lane. Enemy machine gun firing at No.I Lewis Gun post in R3 5.15pm. A Bosche seen going from Dean to Etna, which looks as if he had been in Dean all day.


Havrincourt Wood, K.31.c.0.0. Our artillery and machine guns active. Enemy machine guns more active than usual, especially from 10.15pm to 12.30am. Machine guns seen firing from Etna, Boggart Hole and from approx K.26.d.05.90. Our trench mortars dispersed an enemy patrol seen coming out of Etna. Medium enemy trench mortar located at Vesuvius. Enemy working party opposite R3 sector scattered by our Lewis Gun fire. Wounded heard crying out 1am.

Strength:                                Officers                  Other Ranks

                                Effective      74                                      1 291

                                Fighting       62                                      1 110

                                Ration          35                                         713


Appendix No.I attached.


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding 9th Service Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Appendix No.I

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers



Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly


Major, 2nd in Command

Major J.G Brew





Hulse A

Menaul W.J                          Command

Grant J                                    Command

Uprichard J.G                        Command

Despard C.B

Barefoot G.W.N                    Command

Gibson J.E

Ferguson A

Henehan M (M.C)

Flood R.S                               Leave

Godson E.A (M.C)               Command



Vesey G.W

Mitchel F.D

Wilson G.W

Barcroft G.E                           Leave

Richardson G.H

Dobbyn A.L (M.C)

Johnstone G.I O'F

Hutchinson W.H

Dean H.S

Crothers A.V                         Command

Whalen F.J                            Command


2nd Lieutenants

Cooke J.A                              Leave

Hamilton E                             Command

Woods J                                                Command

Hartness F.C

McCausland I.E                    Command

Bennett J.C

Young J.B.A

Connar H.P                            Command

Turner E.J.L

Maxwell A.F

Crosbie T.E.C

Davidson A                          Command

Smith J.I                 Command

Gilmer E.H                              Command

Kerr C.H

Orr R.A

Larter C.B

Partridge J.H                         Command

Irvine W.F                             Command

Galloway A.J

Connor J.H                            Command

Gillard T.A                             Command

Martin C.H

Graham W.G

Prenter D

Murphy J.J

Scott J

Smith R.L

Barrett E.J St C                      Command

Clarke N                 Command

Pollock J.J McE                    Command

Auber G                                 Command

Perkins C.T.J                         Command

Henry A.W                           Command

Poole F                                   Command

Bailie J                                    Command

Leader T.M                           Command

Jack H.D                                Command

Moran S.F                             Command

Bayliff C.T.L

Garnham W                           Command



Hony Lieutenant Wilson G.W



Captain Burrows O.V,   Royal Army Medical Corps

Captain Mayes S,  Chaplain to the Forces


                [Signed] A Ferguson

                Major, for Lieutenant-Colonel

                Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

                31 October 1917




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

November 1917


Havrincourt Wood, K.31.c.0.0. A quiet day in the line. This night we were relieved by the 12th Royal Irish Rifles. Relief was complete at 9pm. Battalion marched back to billets in Ruyaulcourt.


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. Day spent mainly in cleaning up. Clothing and equipment of Companies inspected during the morning. Football in the afternoon.


Ruyaulcourt. A & B Companies on working parties today. At 4.30pm C Company left Ruyaulcourt and marched up to the line to carry out a raid. The enemy's front line was successfully penetrated from the Canal (K.26.d.05.95) to about 150 yards east of it. The fighting was very severe as the enemy refused to surrender. Our men stayed in the enemy trenches for twenty minutes and bayonetted and shot at least forty Germans. We suffered some casualties, mostly from bombs: one Officer severely wounded, one Officer slightly wounded; one NCO killed, three Other Ranks missing believed killed, thirteen Other Ranks wounded, one R.E [Royal Engineer?] (NCO) severely wounded.[6]


Ruyaulcourt P.15.b.9.8. The General Officer Commanding 36th Division inspected the men of C Company who took part in the raid. A, B and D Companies were on working parties. Four new Officers joined Battalion from Rocquigny.


Ruyaulcourt. The new ante-room at Battalion Headquarters was lined with canvas and made more comfortable. The whole Battalion with exception of C Company were on working parties.


Ruyaulcourt. The 'Officers' played 'the Rest' of the Battalion at Rugby in the afternoon. Match took place on the Battalion football ground. Result 'Officers' 10 points, 'Rest' 9 points.


Ruyaulcourt. A and B Companies carried out scale of parades. C and D Companies were on working parties.


Ruyaulcourt. Morning spent in preparing to go into line. This night the Battalion relieved the 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the line. A Company on Yorkshire Bank with one Platoon in Cheetham Switch, B Company in R.3, C Company in Locality 5, and D Company in Battalion Reserve.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. The night of the relief rain fell and continued until almost 12 noon today. The trenches especially in Yorkshire Bank were very badly flooded. All available men in line turned on to repairing them.


Havrincourt Wood. Trenches still bad owing to continued bad weather. Much work done by the men in the line towards improving and draining them today.


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion in the line. Quiet day. No enemy activity.


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion in the line.


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion in the line. Yorkshire Bank shelled by 5.9 and trench mortars.


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion in the line. Enemy trench mortar fire on Yorkshire Bank in reply to our pigs who were firing on front line and Havringcourt. Casualties: Three Other Ranks killed, one Other Rank severely wounded.[7]


Havrincourt Wood. Battalion in the line. Several heavy machine gun Officers reconnoitering Battalion left sub-sector. Quiet day.


Havrincourt Wood K.31.c.0.0. Battalion in the line. No enemy activity. Several heavy machine gun Officers reconnoitering round line. Our heavy trench mortars very active firing on enemy front line and west of Havrincourt.[8]


Relieved by 2/5th King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry at 10pm. Battalion marched to Bertincourt less one Platoon of C Company who were left behind to form an outpost for 2/5 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry on Yorkshire Bank.


Barastre O.16 (centre). Battalion moved from Bertincourt and is comfortably encamped in Adrian and Nissen Huts and tents.


Velu Wood J.31.c (centre). Battalion inspected in the morning by the Commanding Officer at Barastre. Moved at 4.30pm to Headquarters in Velu Wood (on eve of push). The following 'immediate awards' have been notified by Brigade as result of our Havrincourt raid on 3rd inst. Military Medal – 18869 Corporal Mackinson, Henry, 41327 Private Morrison, John, 41256 Private Chambers, Thomas, 41534 Private Averell, Robert, 23438 Corporal Craig, George.


Maxwell Avenue K.25.d.9.9. The Division (109th Brigade) moved to the attack at 6.20am[9]. 107th and 108th Brigades in support. Battalion 'details' remain in Velu Wood under command of Major J.G Brew. Transport at Hermies Slag Heap. 2nd Lieutenant E.J.L Turner, Transport Officer, returned from leave. The Battalion moved to a position 500 yards north-east of Velu Wood at 8.20am. At 2pm the Battalion moved from this position to Broken Bridge for dinner. At 3.30pm moved to R.3. The Battalion went into dugouts at 8.40pm for the night.


The Battalion moved from R.3 at 3pm to enemies old lines near Lock 7 where it slept for the night in dugouts.


Moeuvres. The Battalion moved up at 6.30am to a position north of Bapaume and Cambrai Road arriving at 8.30am. Here the Battalion waited for an order to attack Inchi when Moeuvres was taken by the 12th Royal Irish Rifles. At 11.45am the 12th Royal Irish Rifles captured village of Moeuvres. It was unable to clear trenches east of village. At 5.30pm Battalion moved up to support 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the village of Moeuvres. At 5.45pm 12th Royal Irish Rifles reported driven out of village. At 8.30pm Battalion less D Company counter attacked village of Moeuvres but was driven back to trenches immediately south of the village, where it took up a defensive position for the night.[10]


Moeuvres. Battalion attacked Moeuvres at 10.30am. At 11am Battalion reported in village. At 11.45am enemy counter attacked from trenches west of village. 12.15pm counter attack driven off. At 4.30pm village evacuated by Battalion on account of supports not coming up. 5pm C and D Companies took up position on Sunken Road south of village and A and B companies went back to trenches north of Bapaume and Cambrai Road.

Casualties for 22nd and 23rd: Officers killed one; Officers wounded six; Other Ranks 82 casualties.[11]


Battalion relieved in the trenches by the 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at dawn. Proceeded to Hermies for rest and reorganisation.[12]


Hermies. Battalion resting at Hermies.


Hermies. At 6.30pm Battalion moved from Hermies to Beaumetz. At 8.30pm Battalion arrived at Beaumetz and was put in tents for the night.


Beaumetz. Battalion moved to Rocquigny, arriving at 8.30pm.


Rocquigny. Battalion resting in Rocquigny. 'A' Company was bathed and had a clean change.


Rocquigny. Battalion entrained at Ytres at 8.30pm for Beaumetz south of Arras. Battalion detrained at Beaumetz at 2.45am on November 30th and marched to billets at Simencourt, arriving at 3.20am.


Simencourt. Battalion left Simencourt at 2pm for Gomincourt, arriving at 7.30pm.


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

December 1917


Gomincourt. Battalion left Gomincourt at 12pm for Rocquigny, arrived at 7.30pm.[13]


Rocquigny. Battalion left Rocquigny for Metz-le-Coutre, arrived Metz 2.30pm, billeted for night.


Metz-le-Coutre. Battalion left Metz at 8pm. Moved up to the line to support 88th Brigade south of Marcoing. Arrived in support trenches at 5.30am the 4th [December].


Trenches south of Marcoing. Battalion in the trenches south of Marcoing in support of 88th Brigade. Relieved Essex and Hants Battalions in front line at 4.30am.


Trenches south of Marcoing. Battalion in the line. Captain Flood killed at 9am by shrapnel.[14]


Trenches south of Marcoing. Battalion in the line. Two Companies in front line, one in support and one in reserve for use as Battalion counter-attack Company. Enemy shelling position very heavily. Five casualties – four Other Ranks.[15]


Trenches south of Marcoing. Battalion in line as above. Enemy artillery very active, particularly at 2.30pm when he attacked on our right. Eight casualties to Other Ranks.


Trenches south of Marcoing. Battalion in line as above. Heavy shelling by enemy. Enemy aeroplanes very active over our lines, flying very low. Relieved by 12th Royal Irish Rifles at 10.30pm. Fine day. N.B: While in front line Battalion improved trenches, made latrines, wired in front of trenches, and salved several articles of war. Five casualties to Other Ranks. Battalion goes into Brigade support on being relieved, less D Company who relieved Buffs and King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in communication trench running north and south from front line.


South of Marcoing. Battalion in Brigade support.


South of Marcoing. As above. One-hundred and sixty Other Ranks and four Officers for a working party, carrying up wire to front line.


South of Marcoing. Battalion in Brigade support. Four Officers and 100 Other Ranks on a carrying party from 4.30pm to 2am (12 December 1917).


South of Marcoing. Battalion in Brigade support. Relieved by [sic] 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in the line at dusk. C Company on right. B Company on outpost line. A Company on left. D Company in support.


South of Marcoing. Captured a prisoner at 4.30am of the 6th (Reserve Infantry Regiment). Battalion stood to at 5.30am to meet a rumoured attack at 6.30am. Word received from Division Headquarters at 3.30am that enemy was to attack in great force at 6.30am. No attack however took place.


South of Marcoing. Battalion in the line. Two Other Ranks casualties.


South of Marcoing. Battalion in the line. D Company relieved B Company in the outpost line. One Officer 2nd Lieutenant Bray and three Other Ranks casualties.


South of Marcoing. German post stormed by our patrol at 5pm. Gunner bayoneted and machine gun captured; identification secured (6th Division Reserve Infantry Regiment). Lieutenant Caulfield, 7th Somersets, buried by our Battalion[16]. Trench very much improved and more wire put out. Relieved by 7th Royal Fusiliers at 9pm and march to Metz. Fifty rifles salved and several thousand rounds of small arms ammunition, also boxes of grenades salved, cleaned and put under cover.


Metz-le-Coutre. Left Metz at 12 noon for Etricourt. Billeted in tents at Etricourt.


Etricourt. Entrain Etricourt for Mondicourt. Detrain at Mondicourt and march through deep snow to our billets in the village of Coullemont. The heavy snow delayed our transport, which did not arrive till midnight.


Coullemont. Working parties out. Forty Other Ranks and one Officer from each Company clearing road from Coullemont to Couterelle of snow. This work continued to 4.30pm.


Coullemont. Under Company arrangements. Cleaning up.


Coullemont. Under Company arrangements. Inspection of arms and equipment.


Coullemont. Battalion Parade by Companies. Scale of parades from 9.15am to 12.30pm. 'A' Company bathed in afternoon.


Coullemont. Battalion paraded at 10.30am for Divine Service at Humbercourt.


Coullemont. Battalion Parade by Companies. Scale of parades as on the 22nd. B Company bathed during the afternoon.


Coullemont. Battalion paraded for Divine Services at 10am. Christmas dinners by Companies between 1pm and 3pm. The Commanding Officer was present at each Company dinner. Snowed heavily during the evening.




Coullemont. Each Company furnished a working party of forty Other Ranks and one Officer from A and D Companies to sandbag airdrome near Mondicourt.


Coullemont. Battalion leaves Coullemont, march off at 5.30am. Entrain Mondicourt 9am. Arrive Boves 1.30pm. March to billets in village. Snow fell during the evening.


Boves. Working party in afternoon clearing snow off road from Boves station to cross roads at St Nicholas. Train loaded with Battalion transport snowed up and did not arrive till midnight. The unloading party consisting of A Company did not arrive in billets till 2am 30/12/17. Captain Despard and an NCO proceed to 5th Army Infantry School at Toutencourt.


Boves. Battalion paraded at 11.45am for Divine Service in the 4th Corps School Cinema hall.


Boves. Battalion paraded under Company arrangements at 9.30am. Principally kit inspections. Demonstration by 4th Corps School of the improved musketry instruction at 10am. One Officer and one NCO per Company attend, also Intelligence Officer. Route march in afternoon, parade ready to move off at 2pm.


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

January 1918


Boves. In rest billets, carrying out training programme.


Marcelcave. Moved from Boves to Marcelcave, 14 kilometres, over ground thickly covered with snow. The following decorations have been awarded by the Field Marshal, Commander-in-Chief, under authority delegated him by the King:

The Military Cross – Temporary Captain C.B Despard, D Company, 2nd Lieutenant J.H Partridge B Company (Intelligence Officer);[17]

Distinguished Conduct Medal – Corporal H Roe, A Company, Company Quartermaster Sergeant G Robinson, D Company, Company Sergeant Major T Vennard, B Company.[18]




Marcelcave. Moved to Rosieres, 11 kilometres.


Rosieres. Moved to Carrθpuits, 15 kilometres, through shell-shattered country.


Strength: 39 Officers, 868 Other Ranks, 39 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Lieutenant R.I McCrum, 2nd Lieutenant Pollock, 2nd Lieutenant Leahy, 2nd Lieutenant Donaldson.


Moved to Villeselve, 20 kilometres.

Lieutenant G.W Vesey, A Company, awarded Military Cross;[19] 2nd Lieutenant A.A Andrews struck of[f] strength; Sergeant J.A Henry, C Company, and Lance Corporal A.G.H Clarke, C Company, both awarded Military Medal.

36th Division relieved 6th French Division, 108th Brigade in reserve.




Villeselve. 8am. Moved to Grand Seraucourt, 13 kilometres, to reserve billets, 4 kilometres behind line.

Carrying out wiring and intensive digging training.




Grand Seraucourt. Sheet 66cNW 1/20,000. Strength: 39 Officers, 866 Other Ranks, 39 horses, 16 mules. Decrease: Two Other Ranks.




Grand Seraucourt. Major A Ferguson awarded Military Cross. No.14040 Sergeant Barton, H, C Company, awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal.


Grand Seraucourt. Four-hundred men digging cable trench between Artemps and Grand Seraucourt.


[25-28 January] Grand Seraucourt. Battalion digging reserve trench between Contescourt and Essigny le Grand.

[26 January] Strength: Forty Officers, 849 Other Ranks, 39 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Chaplain H.S Bally, Church of England (vice Chaplain S Mayes, Church of England, returned to England). Decrease: Seventeen Other Ranks.

[27 January] 10am. Divisional Commander presented ribbons of decoration awarded from the recent operations at Moeuvres.

2pm. Beat 16 Royal Irish Rifles at football, 5 goals to 1.

[28 January] 5pm. 108th Infantry Brigade relieves 109th Infantry Brigade in the right sector on January 28-30th.

Boundaries of Right Brigade Sector: Right B.17.c.6.7 – B.22.a.5.0 to Essigny Station. Left – Boyau de Moulins (inclusive to Left Brigade) Boyau de Contescourt (inclusive to Left Brigade). Boundary between Battalions B.9.c.9.5 to B.15.a.7.5.

Brigade on right flank – 41st Infantry Brigade; left, 107th Infantry Brigade.

B.25.a/26.a. Battalion moves to Brigade support in relief of 9 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Transport to Artemps.


B.22.a centre. 5pm. Battalion moves to line in relief of 14th Royal Irish Rifles (Y.O) in R. Bn Sector. Boundaries: Right B.16.d.5.4, left B.9.c.8.1.

Dispositions: A and C Companies in line. Boundary between Companies B.10.c.6.3; B Company Counter attack in dugouts, Headquarters, B.16.d.1.4; D Company Passive defence in dugouts, Headquarters, B.22.a Central.

Relief carried out successfully, notwithstanding condition of trenches very bad, having fallen in partly owing to weather and partly to want of attention. Wiring plentiful. Distance between enemy and our front line averages 1,000 yards.


Situation quiet, apart from enemy aircraft, during the night bombing.


B.9.d.9.1. 5.30am. German shot about fifty yards in front of A Company. He belonged to 5th Grenadier Regiment, 36th Division.

2/4pm. Battalion and Company Headquarters were fired on with 105mms.


[Signed] J.G Brew


Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

February 1918


Sheet 66cNW 1/20,000 App.101. Line. 10.30pm. Patrol left our line at B.17.a.3.2. No enemy encountered. Another one left at B.8.c.91.25 and found old front line filled in in many places.


Strength: Forty Officers, 846 Other Ranks, 38 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Three Other Ranks. Decrease: One horse.


Our heavies fired on enemy reserve lines during afternoon. Enemy – Fourteen 105mm high explosives fired on B14c & d, wounding two men, one man wounded by Lewis Gun fire in B16a, during night.


10.30am. Six enemy 105mm high explosives fired on B13d. We made a reconnaissance of our wire from B.17.a.1.2 to B.17.a.4.2 and found it in good order. Emplacement at B.17.a.8.7 destroyed by our shelling.

5.30pm. Relieved by 12 Royal Irish Rifles and moved to Brigade support B.20.c with one Company at B.15.c.


Awards: Croix de Guerre (Belgian) to Corporal E.A Godeon (MC) and Acting Corporal W Knaggs (MM), D Company. Decoration Militaire to 14388 Private Stewart, T, B Company.


[6-9 February] Occasional enemy shelling. Casualties – two wounded.

[9 February] Strength: 37 Officers, 853 Other Ranks, 36 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Seven Other Ranks. Decrease: 2nd Lieutenant Galloway (Medical Board, England), 2nd Lieutenant J.I McCausland (6 months duty, England), 2nd Lieutenant E.V Crothers (transferred Indian Army) and two horses.

Support B.20.c line, left sub-sector. 5.30pm. Relieved by 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers. After relief, proceeded to relieve 11/13 Royal Irish Rifles in left sub-sector. Dispositions: B Company in right sector, D Company in left sector, A and C Companies, ½ each counter attack and passive resistance.


Front quiet except for occasional shelling. One man wounded by enemy sniper.


5.30pm. Major Brew, Commanding, Padre and Orderly Room Staff moved to B.20.c.1.1. Captain M Henehan MC remaining as acting second-in-command.[21]




Activity mostly in artillery, air and sniping. Occasional bursts of 5.9mms on rear Battalion Headquarters at B.20.c.1.1. Large numbers of enemy aircraft passed over during nights and bombed back areas. Four men wounded by enemy snipers.


Effective strength: 46 Officers, 1,066 Other Ranks, 36 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Draft from 78th Battalion on disbandment – A Company, 2nd Lieutenant W.G Greenaway, 2nd Lieutenant A Wilding MC, 2nd Lieutenant T Bremner; B Company, 2nd Lieutenant W.F Reid, 2nd Lieutenant D Miller; C Company, 2nd Lieutenant G Hardy, 2nd Lieutenant J Darling, 2nd Lieutenant J Benson; D Company, 2nd Lieutenant W.H Roche; Other Ranks, 213.


Patrols nightly in Nomanland. No enemy encountered and wire found good. Officers in enemy front line seen observing our lines through glasses.


Lieutenant-Colonel Kelly returned from leave and resumed command. Major Brew at three days conference, President Corps Commander Sir Ivor H Maxse.

One man killed and one wounded.




2nd Lieutenant G.E Scott wounded with small splinter and remained at duty.


On night 22/23rd the Division Front was reorganised, with one Battalion of each Brigade in the line. Brigade boundaries as follows: Right as at present, (c) between left and centre Brigades: junction of Cabal Trench and old front line (B.8.c.90.60) – B.14.a.15.77 – A.18.c.10.00 – A.16.c.05.70. (b) between right and centre Brigades: Junction of Borellier Trench and St Quentin – Vendeuil Road (B.10.c.60.40) – B.15.a.70.00 – A.29.a.9.6 – G.4 Central. (d) left boundary: Canal.

Dispositions: The disposition of Brigades from right to left: 108 – 107 – 109th. 108 Brigade Garrisons 'C' Subsector of the Battle Zone.

Left sub-sector. 5.30pm. The Battalion was relieved as follows: All posts west of boundary between centre and left Brigades, by 9th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Remainder of Battalion (including) C Company (passive resistance) by 15th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles about 7pm. The Battalion on relief moved to Brigade Reserve at Grand Seraucourt.


[23-28 February] Grand Seraucourt. Training and working on cable and other trenches in Battle Zone.

[23 February] Effective strength: 47 Officers, 1,071 Other Ranks, 36 horses, 16 mules. Increase: Captain C.J Brennan (from 10th Reserve Battalion), 2nd Lieutenant Slatter, T (from 7/8th Battalion), 5 Other Ranks. Decrease: Major A Ferguson MC (ordered Medical Board, England). App.102.


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel

Officer Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

The Royal Irish Fusiliers


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers


Rank                                       Name                                      Seniority


Lieutenant-Colonel              Kelly P.E                                31.8.17

Major                                     Brew J.E                 28.11.16

Captain                                  Menaul W.J (MC)                26.6.17                    Command

Captain                                  Despard C.B (MC)               30.10.16

Captain                                  Henehan M (MC)                 19.2.17                    Command

Lieutenant (Temp. Capt)     Vesey G.W (MC)                  18.11.15

Lieutenant                             Wilson G.W                          15.9.16

Lieutenant (A.Cp.A.)           Dean H.S                               1.7.17                      Command

Lieutenant                             Richardson G.H                    1.7.17                      Command

Lieutenant                             O'Flaherty Johnstone G.I    1.7.17

Lieutenant                             McCrum R.I                           6.7.17

Lieutenant                             Cooke J.A                              7.1.18                      Command

Lieutenant                             Woods J                                                7.1.18                      Command

Lieutenant                             Hartness F.C                         5.2.18

2nd Lieutenant                       Reid W.F                               22.5.18 [sic]           Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Turner E.J.L                           26.9.16                   

2nd Lieutenant                       Maxwell A.F                          19.12.16

2nd Lieutenant (A/Cpt.A.)   Crosbie T.E.C (MC)             19.12.16                  Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Davidson A                          19.12.16

2nd Lieutenant                       Smith J.I                 19.12.16                  Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Gilmer E.H                              19.12.16                  Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Orr R.A                                  19.12.16 

2nd Lieutenant (T.Cpt)          Partridge J.H (MC)               27.12.16                  Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Perkins C.J.T                         17.2.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Henry A.W                           17.2.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Irvine W.F                             1.3.17                      Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Connor J.H                            28.3.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Scott J                                    30.5.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Graham W.G                          27.6.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Prenter D                               27.6.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Smith R.L                               27.6.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Clarke N                 27.6.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Pollock J.J.McE                    1.8.17                      Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Greenaway W.G                   1.8.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Wilding A (MC)                   1.8.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Davies H.L                            28.8.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Roche W.H                           29.8.17                    Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Hardy G                                 29.8.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Bremner T                              29.8.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Darling J                                26.9.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Benson J                                26.9.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Slatter T                                 29.8.17                    Hospital

2nd Lieutenant                       Miller D.J                               30.10.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Leahy T.C                              16.11.17

2nd Lieutenant                       Donaldson F.L.H                  30.11.17

2nd Lieutenant                       O'Donovan F.J                                                      Posted, not joined

2nd Lieutenant                       Oecken C.A.J                        21.12.16                  Posted, not joined

Lieutenant                             McWilliams T.A                   8.3.17                      Posted, not joined

Captain                                  Brennan C.J                           20.3.16                    Posted, not joined



Lieutenant                             Morgan H.S          U.S.A     Medical Officer

Captain                                  Bally H                                   Chaplain to the Forces


[Signed] P Kelly


Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

28 February 1918




TRENCH MAP (British)


62BSW   }

                }    PARTS OF     

66CNW  }


SCALE 1/20,000




28 February 1918



9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

March 1918


Sheet 66CNW 1/20,000. Grand Seraucourt. 5.30pm. Battalion moved to support at Essigny Station in relief of 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.


[2-7 March] Essigny Station. Working on defences of Battle Zone daily.

[2 March] Effective strength: Officers 46, Other Ranks 1083, horses 36, mules 16. Decrease: Captain J Grant (Medical Board, England). Increase: Twelve Other Ranks.

[7-8 March] 6pm. Relieved 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers in line, with 2nd Royal Irish Rifles on left and 8 King's Royal Rifles on right.


[9-14 March] Patrolling and wiring nightly. Our artillery lively cutting enemy wire and sweeping likely places of assembly for enemy attack. Enemy artillery unusually quiet. Great aerial activity owing to fine weather and visibility. One enemy aircraft brought down on enemy line opposite left Battalion front.

[9 March] 3pm. Enemy machine gun captured without opposition by 2nd Lieutenant W.G Greenaway and three Other Ranks from position at B.17.a.9.8.

Effective strength: Officers 46, Other Ranks 1076, horses 36, mules 16. Decrease: Seven Other Ranks.

[14-15 March] 8pm. Relieved by 12th Royal Irish Rifles and moved to Grand Seraucourt in reserve.[22]


Effective strength: Officers 45, Other Ranks 1058, horses 37, mules 18. Increase: Horses 1, mules 2. Decrease: Officer 1, 2nd Lieutenant W.G Greenaway transferred to Royal Flying Corps, England; Other Ranks 18.


Grand Seraucourt. St Patrick's Day. Sunday. Church Parade in morning and sports in evening.


Intensive training, by Platoons, in morning. Specialist training in evening.


2am. Intensive enemy barrage opened on our positions, for a depth of from 4 to 6 kilometres. At 6am enemy attacked.[23] Battalion moved to Brigade Headquarters just east of village. 2nd Lieutenant Prenter and four Other Ranks killed. 2nd Lieutenant Perkins and 16 Platoon missing. Part of 2 Platoons of A Company missing.[24]


Battalion fell back on Halpincourt, where we remained during the day, falling back on Ollizey in the evening.


At Ollizey all day, fell back on farm house in front of Fleuesele.


Remained at Fleuesle for the day, and fell back on Guiscard, remaining there for the night. Captain Partridge MC killed and Captain Vesey MC wounded during night.[25]


Fell back through Busse to Avrilcourt and then marched via Tilloloy, Popincourt, Grivillers, Marquivillers, Guerbigny to Erches, arriving at 11am on morning of 26th. Lewis Guns were sent by lorry previous night.

Major Brew and details went into line in front of Erches. Remainder of Battalion under Captain Despard MC formed reserves west of Erches.[26]


Enemy attacked and the Royal Irish Rifles fell back on 9th Battalion reserve who fell back with same to a position south of Arvillers, and then south of the village, where they remained the night.[27]


This party under Captains Despard, Crosbie and Dean, and 2nd Lieutenant Davison, fell back, by orders, through Hangesy-en-Santerre, Plessier, Rosainvillers, Moreuil, Mailly-Raineval, Sourdon, remaining there the night.[28]


Marched from Sourdon, via Ailly-sur-Noye, Jumel to Taisnil.[29]


Marched from Taisnil to Sauleul [Salouλl] and remained the night.[30]


Entrained from Sauleux [Saleux] to Eu and marched to St Quentain-le-Mott.

Casualty report appended.

[Signed] G.M Forde, Major

Officer Commanding

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Appendix 103

Operation Orders by

Lieutenant-Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, the Royal Irish Fusiliers


15 March 1918


1.  The Battalion will be relieved in the line on night of 15/16th. March by 12th. Bn. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES.

                "A" Coy will be relieved by "A" Coy in Right Front.

                "C"    "      "   "        "        "  "D"    "    "   Left Front.

                "D"    "      "   "        "        "  "C"    "    "   Counter Attack line.

                "B"    "      "   "        "        "  "B"    "    "   Redoubt.


2.             One guide per Lewis Gun and Signallers post of "A", "C" & "D" Coys will be at Advanced Battalion H.Q. at 6-30 p.m.

                One guide per platoon and Coy. H.Q. from "A", "C", & "D" Coys will be at Advanced Bn. H.Q. at 8 p.m.

                Same from "B" Coy. will be at Rear Bn. H.Q. at 7-30 p.m.


3.  Transport will be arranged as follows:-

                For Rear Bn. H.Q., "B" Coys. and M.O's stores (including Bn. Lewis guns) at Rear Battalion Headquarters about 8 p.m.

                For "A", "C", & "D" Coys stores at Advanced Bn. H.Q. about 8-30 p.m. (stores including Battalion Lewis Guns).

                One N.C.O. per Company will accompany Lewis Guns.

                One Servant per Company and Battalion H.Q. will accompany kits.


4.  Sector Defence schemes, secret maps, aeroplane photographs, patrol and Work Log and Trench Stores will be handed over and receipts obtained, which will be forwarded, in duplicate, to Battalion H.Q. by 12 noon, 16th. inst.


5.  One officer and one N.C.O. per Company will parade at Rear Battalion H.Q. 2 p.m. and proceed to GD. SERAUCOURT to take over Billets          previously occupied.


6.  All dugout will be left in a clean and sanitary condition and certificates to this effect will be obtained and forwarded to Battalion H.Q. by 12 noon,          16th. inst.


7.  Completion of reliefs will be reported by runner to Rear Bn. H.Q.


8.  On Relief, platoons will move at an interval of not less than 100 yds to billets at GD.SERAUCOURT, vacated by 1st. Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.


9.  Quartermaster will arrange to have blankets sent to Billets.


10.  Arrival in Billets will be reported by runner to Battalion H.Q. GD. SERAUCOURT.


11.  Attention is drawn to orders previously issued regarding procedure in Reserve Area.




(sd)._____________R.I McCrum____________ Lieut.  A/Adjt.

9th (N.I.H.) Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.


Copies to –

1. Bn. H.Q.

2. O.C. All Companies.

6. T.O & Q.M.

7. 12th. R.I.R.

8. Right Bn.

9. Left Bn.

10. File.


Issued at                   a.m.           by runner.




CASUALTY REPORT Vide 108th Infantry Brigade Number S.C.X.3 of the 5th instant.


Rank                                                       Name                                      Nature of Casualty                                                              

Major                                                     Brew J.G                 Missing (believed wounded) 26.3.18

Captain & Adjutant                             Henehan M (MC)                 Missing 21.3.18

Captain                                                  Vesey G.W (MC)                  Wounded 24.3.18

2nd Lieutenant (Acting Captain)         Partridge J.H (MC)               Killed in action 24.3.18

Lieutenant                                             Johnstone G.I.O'F                Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Reid W.F                               Wounded 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Maxwell A.F                          Wounded 24.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Gilmer E.H                              Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Perkins C.J.T                         Missing 21.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Irvine W.F                             Attached 1[2]th Royal Irish Rifles (believed missing)

2nd Lieutenant                                       Connor J.H                            Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Scott J                                    Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Prenter D                               Killed in action 21.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Smith R.L                               Wounded 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Clarke N                 Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Pollock J.J.McE                    Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Davies H.L                            Wounded 24.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Roche W.H                           Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Bremner T                              Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Darling J                                Wounded 24.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Slatter T                                 Missing 24.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Donaldson F.L.H                  Missing 27.3.18

2nd Lieutenant                                       Henry A.W                           Missing 27.3.18


Other Ranks

Killed in action                       15

Wounded                                75

Missing                                                 406

Wounded and missing            1

                Total                       497


[Signed]  G.M Forde, Major

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers




A Company

Regimental No      Rank                       Name                                      Nature of Casualty                              

  4517                      Sergeant                                Hughes J                               Wounded.

41543                            "                        Lockhart W                           Missing.

14012                            "                        Breen J                                   Missing.

15192                            "                        McMorrow J                         Missing.

15854                            "                        Palmer J                                  Missing.  Admitted Hospital sick.

41876                            "                        Wilson T                               Missing.

43427                            "                        Journet C                               Missing.

22282                            "                        Jackson F                              Missing.

13102                      Corporal                 Matthews H                          Missing.

15848                            "                        Bryans J                                 Missing.

21216                            "                        Moraghan J                           Missing.

14038                            "                        Brown J                                  Wounded.

41387                            "                        Black J                                    Missing.

  8586                            "                        Bell F                                      Missing.

21005                            "                        O'Toole J                               Wounded.

43333                            "                        Groves D.E                            Missing.  Wounded.

43428                            "                        Roberts T                              Missing.

40113                      Lance Corporal     Dunn F                                   Missing.

24320                            "                        Gageby J                                Missing.

41481                            "                        Brown R                 Missing.

43211                            "                        Hartropp W                           Wounded.

  8754                            "                        Lloyd A                                 Missing.

43416                            "                        Carman S                               Missing.

25275                            "                        Railey J                                  Missing.

26101                            "                        Dunn A                                  Missing.

19128                            "                        Brown A                                Missing.

14314                            "                        Hadden H                              Wounded.

41151                            "                        Orr J                                        Missing.

40039                            "                        Linzey E                 Missing.

22655                            "                        Proctor J                                                Missing.

10100                            "                        Loughlin D                            Missing.

41064                            "                        Moran D                                Missing.

18926                            "                        Graham H                               Missing.

24164                      Private                    Allen G                                   Wounded.

41073                            "                        Atkins G                                Missing.

24284                            "                        Alderdice T                           Missing.

22986                            "                        Adamson J                            Missing.

41404                            "                        Alexander W                         Missing.

41123                            "                        Burke I                                   Missing.

22036                            "                        Boyle M                                 Missing.

27650                            "                        Baird H                                   Missing.

41411                            "                        Bell J                                       Missing.

21651                            "                        Bowman J                              Missing.

41388                            "                        Biggart W                              Missing.

41100                            "                        Brownlee H                           Missing.

25943                            "                        Blake J                                    Missing.

26819                            "                        Burns T                                  Missing.

43352                            "                        Britten A                                Missing.

14021                            "                        Buckley R                              Missing.

27453                            "                        Buckley R                              Missing.

40041                            "                        Blenkin J                                Missing.

24672                            "                        Cullen G                 Missing.

13454                            "                        Carbery P                               Missing.

41523                            "                        Cartmill T                               Killed in Action.

41395                            "                        Campbell B                            Missing.

18566                            "                        Cooper F                                Missing.

43197                            "                        Cooper E                                Missing.

40007                            "                        Cooper A.T                           Missing.

41486                            "                        Conway J                               Missing.

41485                            "                        Crawford S                            Missing.

22803                            "                        Clarke H                 Missing.

41076                            "                        Carson C                                Missing.

43041                            "                        Conlon T                               Missing.

43353                            "                        Dixon G.J                               Missing.

45278                            "                        Dickens F                              Missing.

14141                            "                        Davidson R                           Missing.

43325                            "                        Dyer H.E                                Missing.

25169                            "                        Eade G                                    Missing.

16217                            "                        Egan J                                    Missing.

40150                            "                        Earl J                                       Missing.

41103                            "                        Emerson H                             Missing.

22551                            "                        Forde J.H                               Wounded.

11164                            "                        Fugard T                                Missing.

14192                            "                        Frazer H                                 Wounded.

  3897                            "                        Fitzpatrick A.C                      Missing.

  3017                            "                        Gilmore J                                Missing.

41381                            "                        Gribben S                               Missing.

22854                            "                        Hamilton J                             Missing.

27871                            "                        Hanrahan N                           Missing.

14295                            "                        Herron R                                Missing.

43410                            "                        Henry E                                  Missing.

27613                            "                        Hogg H                                  Missing.

41079                            "                        Hack V                                   Missing.

14313                            "                        Hyde W                                 Missing.

41126                            "                        Johnston J                             Wounded.

14386                            "                        Kennedy R                            Missing.

22042                            "                        King T                                    Missing.

21674                            "                        Keown W                              Missing.

24353                            "                        Lynn J                                    Missing.

20592                            "                        Lynch M                                Killed in Action.

41082                            "                        Law R                                     Wounded.

17667                            "                        Lewis J                                   Missing.

41549                            "                        McLellan A                           Missing.

41392                            "                        McClean W                           Missing.

14519                            "                        McClean W.J                        Missing.

21604                            "                        McKeown W                        Missing.

20994                            "                        McManus C                          Missing.

21018                            "                        McKissick M                        Missing.

43192                            "                        McGuinness P                      Missing.

14499                            "                        McCreary T                           Missing.

41410                            "                        Montgomery S                     Wounded.

18252                            "                        Marshall J                              Wounded.

18063                            "                        Moore J                                 Missing.

14433                            "                        Moore J                                 Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.

41131                            "                        Martin W                               Missing.

41412                            "                        Moon J                                  Killed in Action.

19752                            "                        McVeigh C                            Missing.

40155                            "                        Pole F                                     Missing.

43214                            "                        Pickering G                            Missing.

20359                            "                        Pickering G                            Wounded.

41548                            "                        Reid P                                     Wounded.

43217                            "                        Radford C.W                         Missing.

41136                            "                        Sharpe F                                                Missing.  Rejoined 7.4.18.

40027                            "                        Smith A.S                              Missing.

14695                            "                        Smith S                                   Missing.

40029                            "                        Saunderson A                      Missing.

12663                            "                        Spence T                               Wounded.

43204                            "                        Simpson A                            Missing.

19766                            "                        Simpson A                            Wounded.

40044                            "                        Storey W                               Missing.

27651                            "                        Sloss A                                  Missing.

14689                            "                        Simons W                              Wounded.

17608                            "                        Smith J                                   Missing.

12900                            "                        Stevenson D                         Missing.

22301                            "                        Tabrett W                              Missing.

14715                            "                        Teggart J.G                            Missing.

43335                            "                        Thurgut V                              Missing.

41099                            "                        Thistlewaite H                      Wounded.

22424                            "                        Tetley A                                                Missing.

24061                            "                        Thompson D                         Missing.

22648                            "                        Vennard W                            Wounded.

21973                            "                        Veale W                                 Missing.

41501                            "                        Wilson C                               Missing.

41525                            "                        Wilson F                                Missing.

41376                            "                        Ward F                                   Wounded.

41413                            "                        Gibson J                                 Missing.

13965                            "                        Anderson J                           Missing.

27874                      Lance Corporal     Reilly A                                  Wounded.

15418                            "                        Moore W                               Missing.



B Company

Regimental No      Rank                       Name                                      Nature of Casualty                              

14746      Company Sergeant Major   Vennard T                             Wounded.

14556                      Sergeant                                McClean W.J                        Wounded.

41522                            "                        Chambers J                            Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

14108                            "                        Courtney H.W                      Missing.

14180                      Lance Sergeant     Farson D                                Missing.

16424                      Sergeant                                Pentland J                              Missing.

14017                            "                        Bratton J                                Wounded.

40182                            "                        Porter V.M                             Missing.

14605                      Corporal                 Porter J                                   Missing.

41384                           "                         Crozier G                                Missing.

23286                      Lance Corporal     Murray D                               Missing.

28746                           "                         Harte D                                  Missing.

14052                           "                         Chambers J.H                        Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

21601                           "                         Bell J                                       Wounded.

24726                      Private                    Briggs R.J                              Missing.

41196                           "                         Buchanan W                         Missing.

41475                           "                         Bratty T                                 Missing.

22683                           "                         Toomey J                               Missing.

29033                           "                         Whitla J                                 Missing.

43357                      Lance Corporal     Tuite W.J                               Missing.

13960                      Private                    Atwell J                                  Missing.

41153                           "                         Baldwin A                             Missing.

22635                           "                         Blair J                                     Missing.

41487                           "                         Cole G                                    Missing.

41515                           "                         Cherry W                               Missing.

21762                           "                         Ewart D                                  Wounded.

14222                           "                         Gibson J.H                             Missing.

27859                           "                         Greenless S                           Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

43321                           "                         Gumble K                               Missing.

41373                           "                         Higgins H                              Missing.

41596                           "                         Kerr R                                     Missing.

41417                           "                         Lewis J                                   Missing.

41511                      Lance Corporal     Moffitt W.T                          Missing.

23302                      Private                    McKeown J                           Missing.

41367                           "                         McDowell I.B                        Missing.

23878                           "                         Morton D                              Missing.

40183                           "                         Pettit F                                   Missing.

41416                           "                         Rutherford W                       Missing.

41365                           "                         Steele T                                  Missing.

41355                           "                         Scott W                                 Missing.

14718                           "                         Trotter S                                                Missing.

40073                           "                         Thompson C.A                     Missing.

21185                           "                         Tighe W                                                Missing.

24172                           "                         Wortley J                               Missing.

17280                           "                         Hargraves A.B                      Missing.

40169                           "                         Hoynes D                              Missing.

45054                           "                         Hunn R                                  Missing.

11946                           "                         Lawler J                                  Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

21411                           "                         McCready E                          Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

24813                           "                         McQuade P                           Missing.

13314                           "                         O'Hanlon J                             Missing.

22951                           "                         Reid H                                    Missing.

18464                      Lance Corporal     Whiteside J                           Wounded.

27841                           "                         Bishop V.E                            Wounded.

41360                      Private                    Baines W                               Missing.

41474                           "                         Beckett R                               Missing.

27903                           "                         Bowers J                                Missing.

41340                           "                         Childs E                                 Missing.

27843                           "                         Carter W.H                            Missing.

14159                           "                         Elliott H                                  Missing.

41362                           "                         Harvey N                               Missing.

41162                           "                         Kerr T                                     Missing.

14490                           "                         Metcalfe T                             Missing.

23222                           "                         Murphy I                               Missing.

23709                           "                         Magill W                               Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

22891                           "                         Murray M                              Missing.

41612                           "                         Nixon W.J                              Missing.

41168                           "                         Posnett G                               Missing.

40020                           "                         Ringrose A                            Killed in Action.

41334                           "                         Russell N                               Wounded.

41352                           "                         Topping R                             Wounded.

24371                           "                         Blevins G                               Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

22970                           "                         Caddell A                              Missing.

18607                           "                         Ferguson J                            Missing.

41463                           "                         Hamilton W                           Missing.

41348                           "                         Herron R                                Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

18671                           "                         Haddock T                            Missing.

41361                           "                         Kelly H.F                               Missing.

41642                           "                         Lee M                                     Missing.

23690                           "                         Lynch P.J                               Missing.

41412                           "                         McIlraith J                             Missing.

22921                           "                         O'Brien T                               Missing.

15041                           "                         Plunkett J                               Missing.

24503                           "                         Roney T                                 Missing.

17825                           "                         Sloan J.G                                Missing.

27727                           "                         Watson J                               Missing.

13900                           "                         Walls P                                  Missing.

  3952                           "                         Carson J                                 Wounded.

27508                           "                         Maguire G                             Wounded.

22945                      Lance Corporal     Mulholland J                         Missing.

21086                           "                         Mullin W                               Missing.

23568                      Private                    Coleman T                             Missing.

27800                           "                         Cartmill D                               Missing.

25172                           "                         Firth T                                    Missing.

11500                           "                         Finlay R                                 Missing.

  3956                           "                         Fitzsimons J                          Missing.

20938                           "                         Gorman M                             Missing.

21401                           "                         Grimes J                                 Missing.

41141                           "                         Webb F.W                            Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

41374                           "                         Watson T                              Missing.

40078                           "                         Wheedon R                           Missing.

18422                           "                         Whittam W                           Missing.

43239                           "                         Talbot F                                 Missing.

41169                           "                         Johnston G                            Missing.

16421                           "                         Walker S.J                             Missing.

43245                           "                         Sharman C.H                         Missing.

41333                           "                         Bell J.A                                  Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

40059                           "                         Child A                                  Missing.

22619                           "                         Morton W                             Missing.



C Company

Regimental No      Rank                       Name                                      Nature of Casualty                              

14040                      Sergeant                                Barton H                                Missing.

23438                      Lance Sergeant     Craig G                                   Killed in Action

  6328                           "                         Flynn B                                  Wounded.

17441                      Corporal                 Power S                                  Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.

41269                           "                         Ferris E                                   Wounded.

41328                           "                         McIntosh A                          Wounded.

41480                           "                         Patterson R                           Wounded.

41502                           "                         Keys J.H                                Missing.

19736                           "                         Murray B                               Missing.

13655                      Lance Corporal     Finnimore C.A                      Wounded.

14724                           "                         Torrens J                               Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.

21399                           "                         Howard R                              Missing.

22973                           "                         Baxter A                 Wounded.

41308                           "                         Logan J.W                             Missing.

41504                           "                         Copeland H.G                       Missing.

41483                           "                         Clarke A.G.H                         Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.

20781                           "                         Lay L                                      Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.

13860                           "                         Roache J                                Wounded.

18061      Private (Lance Corporal)     Johnston W.J                       Wounded.

43363                           "                         Hardington J                         Missing.

18069                      Private                    Adams R                                Missing.

25050                           "                         Allen W                                 Wounded.

24893                           "                         Anderson T.J                        Wounded.

23657                           "                         Baxter F.G                              Missing.

14030                           "                         Burns R                                  Killed in Action.

24618                           "                         Baird J                                    Wounded.

41451                           "                         Brown W                               Missing.

41601                           "                         Britton J                                 Missing.

14945                           "                         Barrett P                                 Missing.

14103                           "                         Carson I                                 Missing.

41256                           "                         Chambers T                           Wounded.

41291                           "                         Cathers J                                Missing.

41292                           "                         Clements J                             Wounded.

12469                           "                         Carson J                                 Missing.

24025                           "                         Cassidy J                               Missing.

41446                           "                         Campbell R                            Missing.

41274                           "                         Davidson W                         Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.

41461                           "                         Davis J                                   Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.

41294                           "                         Elliott J                                   Wounded.

41310                           "                         Edwards R.J                          Missing.

41431                           "                         Edgar M                                 Missing.

24759                           "                         Fry W.A                                                Killed in Action.[31]

41312                           "                         Ferguson W.V                      Missing.

41447                           "                         Foreman T                             Missing.

41453                           "                         Forbes J                                 Killed in Action.

41491                           "                         Frazer R                                  Missing.

15450                           "                         Foster R                                 Missing.

18575                           "                         Findlay H                               Missing.

19773                           "                         Farquhar P                             Missing.

13771                           "                         Griffiths G                              Missing.

43376                           "                         Gordon G.W                          Wounded.

14214                           "                         Graham A                              Missing.

  6123                           "                         Gibson J                                 Missing.

18556                           "                         Glenn S                                  Wounded.

19732                           "                         Haire J                                    Missing.

18250                           "                         Hooks J                                  Missing.

14327                           "                         Hughes J                               Wounded.

41296                           "                         Harkness A.J                        Missing.

41322                           "                         Hill E                                       Missing.

41492                           "                         Hutchinson H                       Missing.

41443                           "                         Harper T                                Missing.

23344                           "                         Hauley R                                Missing.

25284                           "                         Hewitt W                               Missing.

20294                           "                         Irvine J                                   Missing.

11712                           "                         Irvine H                                  Missing.

41263                           "                         Jaminson R.W                      Missing.

41442                           "                         Kennedy W                          Missing.

26859                           "                         Kenny J.J                               Missing.

43153                           "                         King P                                    Missing.

23705                           "                         Kerr S                                     Missing.

22801                           "                         Lyness T                               Killed in Action.[32]

43332                           "                         Lamond R                              Wounded.

41448                           "                         Linton A                                Missing.

22292                           "                         Linsell A.J                             Missing.

41325                           "                         Lyons T                                 Killed in Action.

22734                           "                         Maloney T                            Killed in Action.

41327                           "                         Morrison J                             Missing.

41435                           "                         Magill J                                  Missing.

41437                           "                         Miller S                                  Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.

41455                           "                         Miskimmon C                        Missing.

41610                           "                         Morrison G                            Missing.

41626                           "                         Mullen H                               Missing.

16024                           "                         Moyles T                               Missing.

23433                           "                         Mallon W                              Missing.

22898                           "                         Murray P                               Missing.

14525                           "                         McClean W.J                        Missing.

18249                           "                         McCready D                         Missing.

23727                           "                         McGarrity J                           Wounded.

24150                           "                         McElroy T                             Missing.

41267                           "                         McCormack A                      Missing.

41314                           "                         McMurray S                         Missing.

41547                           "                         McKevitt N                           Missing.

41606                           "                         McCurry T                            Missing.

14511                           "                         McGeown J                           Missing.

14548                           "                         McCleary J                            Missing.

  3556                           "                         McCaffrey V                         Missing.

19823                           "                         McIvor J                                Missing.

21450                           "                         McNamra J                            Missing.

  6403                           "                         McCann H                             Missing.

23288                           "                         McClatchey G                       Missing.

21078                           "                         McManus J                           Missing.  Rejoined 4.4.18.

17947                           "                         Neill W                                   Missing.

17948                           "                         Neill R                                    Missing.

20325                           "                         Neilson A                              Wounded.

20026                           "                         Nesbitt T.A                           Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.

41258                           "                         Nelson W.A                          Missing.

24411                           "                         Nesbitt J                                                Missing.

41611                           "                         Nichol J                                  Missing.

41276                           "                         O'Briwn J                               Missing.

15341                           "                         Ogden R                                                Missing.

43259                           "                         Parker H                                 Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.

41277                           "                         Pollock T                               Missing.

41459                           "                         Parke W                                 Missing.

25184                           "                         Patterson D                           Missing.

25110                           "                         Prtichard A                            Missing.

24287                           "                         Richardson W.J                    Missing.

43330                           "                         Rice S.P                                  Missing.

14975                           "                         Richardson W.L                   Missing.

41260                           "                         Rollins T.H                            Missing.

41278                           "                         Rooney J                               Missing.

21283                           "                         Rafferty T                              Missing.

41317                           "                         Ross J.A                                                Missing.

43227                           "                         Smith C                                  Missing.

23351                           "                         Smylie T                 Missing.

41262                           "                         Shaw A                                  Missing.

41627                           "                         Sittlington T                          Missing.

14848                           "                         Steele T                                  Missing.

26822                           "                         Sheridan P                             Wounded.

41280                           "                         Tughan R                              Missing.

41319                           "                         Todd W.D                             Missing.

43361                           "                         Wright S.G                            Killed in Action.

24704                           "                         Weir C                                    Missing.

27724                           "                         Watson J                               Missing.

16173                           "                         Watson T                              Missing.

21186                           "                         Walsh M                               Missing.

15635                           "                         Walls G                                  Missing.

13439                           "                         Wall P                                    Missing.

29439                           "                         Weir W                                  Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.



D Company

Regimental No      Rank                       Name                                      Nature of Casualty                              

41795      Company Sergeant Major   White A                                 Wounded and Missing.

14554                      Sergeant                                McCullough D                      Missing.

14633                           "                         Redpath J                              Missing.

41179                           "                         McFadden G                         Missing.

41198                           "                         Nesbitt G                               Wounded.

16111                      Lance Sergeant     Johnston R                            Missing.

41564                      Corporal                 Boyd J                                    Missing.

14673                           "                         Sherman R                             Wounded.

16127                           "                         Mitchell S                              Killed in Action.

41200                           "                         McKinley A                          Missing.

41567                           "                         McMahon F.J                       Wounded.

41877                           "                         Reid B                                    Wounded.

25133                           "                         Auston L                               Wounded.

24600                           "                         Ramsey J                               Wounded.

43275                      Lance Corporal     Butters A                               Missing.

23736                           "                         McCabe H                             Missing.

41221                           "                         Waugh J                                                Missing.

27819                           "                         Greenwood R                        Missing.

21735                           "                         Faul J.A                                 Missing.

25109                           "                         Potter F                                  Missing.

40049      Acting Lance Corporal        Alderson T                            Missing.

43384                           "                         Escott H                                 Missing.

22935                           "                         McBride W                           Missing.

41223                           "                         Mitchell R                              Missing.

24817                           "                         Lacey J                                   Wounded.

22018                      Private                    Allen W.M                            Missing.

40047                           "                         Andrews M.W                     Missing.

41191                           "                         Angus T                                                Missing.

26098                           "                         Argue W.F                            Missing.

25099                           "                         Adams A.R                           Missing.

26091                           "                         Avington J                            Missing.

41629                          "                         Bell W                                    Wounded.

24627                           "                         Bailie J                                    Missing.

41231                           "                         Berrell G                 Missing.

16095                           "                         Black S                                   Missing.

41396                           "                         Best F.J                                  Missing.

40053                           "                         Brown W.H                           Missing.

41210                           "                         Brown R                 Missing.

41226                           "                         Burrows T                             Missing.

24516                           "                         Byers J                                   Missing.

20925                           "                         Barkley P                               Wounded.

27918                           "                         Bridge C                 Missing.

41630                           "                         Chapman H                           Missing.

41215                           "                         Cassells H                             Missing.

24397                           "                         Cochrane R                           Killed in Action.

41554                           "                         Craig D                                   Missing.

41616                           "                         Cullen T.G                             Missing.

41553                           "                         Campbell W                          Wounded.

18540                           "                         Cavanagh G                          Missing.

41244                           "                         Derry J                                   Missing.

41551                           "                         Dowds J                                 Missing.

41570                           "                         Davis J                                   Missing.

45022                           "                         Donovin E                             Missing.

18643                           "                         Doyle E                                  Missing.

27695                           "                         Egan A                                   Wounded.

40043                           "                         Farley J                                  Missing.

41574                           "                         Gordon W                             Missing.  Wounded.

14205                           "                         Gilliland J                               Missing.

14235                           "                         Gilkinson J                             Killed in Action.

20430                           "                         Galway P                                Missing.

16212                           "                         Goggins J                              Missing.

20340                           "                         Goodfellow H                        Wounded.

43082                           "                         Healy P                                  Missing.

18507                           "                         Hale R                                    Missing.

41233                           "                         Hunter J                                 Missing.

41216                           "                         Hughes R                              Missing.

21145                           "                         Haire T                                   Missing.

20349                           "                         Holbrook J                             Missing.

41576                           "                         Hull R.J                                  Missing.

41575                           "                         Henry J                                  Missing.

41600                           "                         Jack G                                     Missing.

20547                           "                         Keegins M                            Missing.

41217                           "                         Kelly H                                   Wounded.

41590                           "                         Kerr H                                    Missing.

20949                           "                         Kerr B                                     Missing.

41552                           "                         Lee A                                     Missing.

41108                           "                         Lenaghan J                            Missing.

41239                           "                         Lamont A                              Missing.

41204                           "                         Lewis H                                  Missing.

22969                           "                         Lyness F                                Wounded.

23181                           "                         Lauley H                                Wounded.

22987                           "                         Mackrell J                              Missing.

15432                           "                         Mather J                                                Missing.

22981                           "                         Monaghan R                         Missing.

41251                           "                         Montgomery W                   Missing.

41562                           "                         Marks G.D                             Missing.

18660                           "                         Morrow W                            Missing.

20288                           "                         Murray J                                Wounded.

22851                           "                         McCaffrey J                          Missing.

24055                           "                         McCracken G                        Missing.

26907                           "                         McGoldrick J                         Missing.

14536                           "                         McCord W                            Missing.

14564                           "                         McCabe S                              Missing.

41194                           "                         McMaster J.S                       Missing.

41512                           "                         McAllister J                          Wounded.

41559                           "                         McClure J.G                          Missing.

41593                           "                         McCleary R                           Missing.

41599                           "                         McGaffin J                             Wounded.

22940                           "                         McMullen R                          Missing.

17660                           "                         McWhither J                         Missing.

22029                           "                         McBride J                              Missing.

  3279                           "                         McConville P                        Missing.

21227                           "                         McGlinchey J                        Missing.

20627                           "                         McGorry J                             Missing.

  3885                           "                         McConville E                        Missing.

21170                          "                         McNeill J                               Missing.

21010                           "                         McDavid J                             Missing.

21152                           "                         McKeever J                           Missing.

41594                           "                         Owens T                                Missing.

17134                           "                         Patterson R                           Missing.

14602                           "                         Preston T                               Missing.

27687                           "                         Russell J                                                Missing.

43280                           "                         Rodgers W.K                        Missing.

43392                           "                         Rout F.G                                Missing.

27827                           "                         Roberts A                              Missing.

43035                           "                         Risebrook V                          Missing.

41598                           "                         Stewart P                               Missing.

41202                           "                         Smith S                                   Missing.

41595                           "                         Sands D                                 Missing.

41246                           "                         Simms H                 Missing.

24785                           "                         Spence D.C                           Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.

40070                           "                         Standing C                            Missing.

41561                           "                         Stronge G.E                           Missing.

26826                           "                         Sinclair J                                Missing.

21155                           "                         Sherrington T                       Wounded.

23505                           "                         Stevenson W                        Missing.

20767                           "                         Sanders A                             Missing.  Wounded.

41195                           "                         Tute F                                    Missing.

43282                           "                         Travis J                                  Missing.

41499                           "                         Thompson F                         Missing.

19794                           "                         Todd A                                  Missing.

22759                           "                         Willis S                                  Missing.

41631                           "                         Watt G                                   Missing.

17933                           "                         Welch F                                 Missing.

41597                           "                         Wilson J                                                Missing.

  5898                           "                         Wilson W.J                           Missing.





9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

April 1918


St Quentain-Le-Mott. Marched to Ault and had general clean up, some bathing.[33]


Training parades.[34]


Entrained at Eu for Rexpoede at 2am by motor lorries to Herzeele.


Training parades; two Companies at baths in morning and two in afternoon. Lieutenant-Colonel Kelly returned from Hospital to Battalion.


Inspection of Brigade by II Corps Commander.[35]


[7-8 April] Effective strength: 22 Officers, 728 Other Ranks, 37 horses, 22 mules. Ration strength: 16 Officers, 547 Other Ranks, 41 horses, 22 mules.

[7 April] Church Parade.

[8 April] Training parades.


Entrained at Herzeele 9am for Poperinghe. March to Siege Camp No.IV.[36]


By motor lorries to Kemmel. Man Kemmel defenses at Lindenhoek Corner.


Kemmel to Messines Ridge. Headquarters at Stinking Farm. Heavy enemy shelling.[37]


2am. Moved to near Wulverghem. Headquarters at N Midland Farm. Enemy attacked, pressing back our line. Counter attack completely restored position. Casualties heavy, including Medical Officer, Lieutenants Hamilton, Hardy and Miller killed. Captain Dean, Lieutenants Turner and Orr wounded.[38]


12 midnight. Relieved by Sherwood Foresters.


Moved back to Kemmel defences.[39]


9am. Moved to Regent Street dugouts. C Company manned outpost positions and was attacked. Captain Crosbie wounded and died same day.[40]


12 midnight. Moved back to Clydesdale Camp for rest and reorganisation.




2am. Moved to Kemmel as composite Battalion with 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Kelly. Heavy casualties, while moving into position, from enemy shelling. Captain Despard wounded and died soon after.

8pm. Relieved by French troops and marched to Siege Camp. 

Sheet 27 NW. [41]




Colonel Kelly evacuated to (Hospital?) with shrapnel wound. Reorganisation and training parades.

Ration strength: 11 Officers, 489 Other Ranks, 40 horses, 22 mules.[43]




Major G.M Forde MC assumed command.[44]


Four Officers and about thirty Other Ranks reinforce.




4am. Move to Yellow Line, Headquarters at Border Camp. Working on defences and training till end of month.

Effective strength: 29 Officers, 651 Other Ranks, 35 horses, 22 mules.

Ration strength:     24 Officers, 507 Other Ranks, 35 horses, 22 mules.


[Signed] G.M Forde, Major

Officer Commanding

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.


List of Officers, Appendix 105.



[See 27 April above.]


Appendix No.105

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers



Lieutenant-Colonel P.E.Kelly             Command


Major, 2nd in Command




Major G.M. Forde (MC)



Menaul W.J (MC)                                Command

Brennan, C.J                                          Command



Wilson G.W

Richardson G.H

McCrum R.I

Cooke J.A

Woods J                                                                Command

Clarke St.G.H.L                                     Command

Godson E.A (MC)                                Command


2nd Lieutenants

Davidson A

Smith J.I

Kerr C.H

Robinson G

Reynolds E.W

Mateer N.C

Murphy J.J

Graham W.G

Wilding A (MC)                                   Command

Greenwood C.F.W

Ross C.A

Benson J

Smith C

Davis V.A

Leahy T.C

Burrows M.C

White T.F

Boyd J

Fitzsimon M.O'C

Midgley B.H

Barnes R.V                                            Command

Young J.B                                              Command

Ratcliffe C.S

Caldwell J.E                                           Command

Baker J.D                                               Command

Tweedie R (MM)                                  Command

Webb R.J                                               Command

Baker F (MM)                                       Command



Captain I Sparks (MC)



Honorary Lieutenant Wilson G.W



Captain Bally H.S                 Chaplain


3 May 1918

[Signed] R.I McCrum, Lieutenant and Adjutant

for Major Commanding

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers





9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

May 1918


[1-4 May] Sheet 28 NW E.6.b, 1/20,000. Yellow Line. Working on defences and training specialists during day. Line manned by skeleton forces by night. Dispositions: two Corps in line, one support and one reserve. Right boundary Dirty Bucket Corner, left Alexandra Farm. Flanking units: right 12 Royal Irish Rifles, left Belgian Cyclist Battalion.

[3 May] Battalion team beat Belgian team at football by four goals to nil.

[4 May] 5pm. Moved to Green Line, in relief of 12 Royal Irish Rifles.


Defences worked on by day and manned by night. Brigade specialist classes commenced at transport lines, International Corner.

Effective strength:               32 Officers, 673 Other Ranks, 35 horses and 20 mules.

Ration strength:                   27 Officers, 530 Other Ranks, 39 horses and 20 mules.

Dispositions: Four Companies in line, Middlesex Battalion on right and Belgian Battalion on left.




5pm. Battalion relieved by 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and moved back to Yellow Line. Billets in (Steentje?) Camp. Headquarters at Fa(?). Work and training continued.[47]




Church Parades in evening.

Effective strength:               34 Officers, 678 Other Ranks, 33 horses and 21 mules.

Ration strength:                   39 Officers, 609 Other Ranks, 37 horses and 21 mules.

Increase:                                Lieutenant E.A Godson (MC), Lieutenant K Morrow (TO).




Sheet 28NW E.6.b 1/20,000. Yellow Line. 8pm. Relieved 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in Brigade Reserve in front system Left Brigade Sector. Dispositions: right front, C Company; left front, B Company; support, A and D Companies; with Headquarters in Canal bank. Flanking units: right, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; left, Belgian Battalion. Relief completed about 12 midnight. Working on defences by night only, to avoid observation. Enemy activity confined to shelling, probably meant for batteries west of canal. One fatal casualty in A Company. Brilliant sunshine and intense heat during six-day tour. (Appendix 106.)


Effective strength:               34 Officers, 935 Other Ranks, 32 horses, 21 mules.

Ration strength:                   27 Officers, 646 Other Ranks, 36 horses, 21 mules.

Increase:                                –                , 235 Other Ranks. Decrease: 1 horse.




Sheet St Julian 6(a?). Brigade Reserve, Canal Bank. 9pm. Relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles, in right sub-sector, front system. Dispositions: right front, A Company; left front, C Company and one Platoon D Company. C.A: D Company (three Platoons). Reserve: B Company. Headquarters: Hill Top Farm. Flanking units: Right, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; left, 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Relieve passed off satisfactorily. At 11.30pm the enemy put down a heavy barrage on the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and raided one of their posts. Otherwise the night passed quietly. (Appendix 107.)


Ref Special Sheet, St Julien 6B 1/10,000. Right sector front line. Owing to bad observation the day passed very quietly. During the night our patrols investigated the vicinity of Von Hugel Farm and Cheddar Villa. No signs of enemy were encountered. The night passed unusually quietly, probably owing to a suspected relief.


The day passed quietly. At 3.30am and 4.30pm C.22.e was lightly shelled by 4.5 howitzers east (..?..) our lines at 11.15am and were unsuccessfully engaged. Nothing of importance occurred during the day.[49]


Our own artillery showed increased activity throughout the day without drawing hostile retaliation. A fighting patrol of two Officers and twelve Other Ranks failed to discover any trace of the enemy between Jasper and Rat Farms. Enemy machine-guns were (s?)lightly active during the night on roads and tracks.


At 2.30am hostile bombardment commenced on left of Brigade front and spread north where the enemy attempted to raid the Belgians 3000 on our left. With the exception of a few shells on Wietje at about 3am, hostile artillery inactive on this front. Our own artillery was active during the day and replied vigorously to enemy bombardment in the morning. A fighting patrol failed to discover traces of the enemy west of Jasper Farm. At 11.10pm the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers on our left raided an enemy post near C.17.c.45.45, but found the garrison had cleared. Our artillery continued the bombardment till 11.40pm. 6" Stokes Mortar assisted. During the operation a fire was (observed?) in Rat Farm. Absence of hostile machine-gun fire, artillery retaliation and Very Lights was marked.[50]


Right sub-sector front line Hill Top. At 5.30am hostile artillery shelled the Battalion on our left, apparently in retaliation for the raid. Owing to excellent visibility there was great aerial activity during the morning and many observation balloons were up. The day passed quietly.


The day passed quietly on this front. The Battalion was relieved in the right sub-sector by the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, 107th Infantry Brigade, and on relief moved by light railway to Hospital Farm Camp. In spite of hostile shelling on the entraining point, no casualties were suffered during the relief. Total casualties during this tour: 3 Other Ranks died of wounds, 2 wounded, 1 self-inflicted, 1 W-(?)-D. Fighting strength:    34 Officers, 974 Other Ranks. On relief the 108th Infantry Brigade moved into Divisional Reserve.


Hospital Farm. The day was spent in cleaning up etc.


Hospital Farm. Divisional Reserve. Provided working party of two Companies on Green Line. Two Companies training. The whole Battalion was bathed during the day. Major R.G Kerr MC[51] reported his arrival and assumed duties of Second-in-Command.


Operation Order No.3

by Major G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  16 May 1918


Reference Sheet 28 NW Ed.6b 1/20,000


No.1  The Battalion will relieve the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in Brigade Reserve in the Front System Left Brigade Sector on the night of 17/18th inst.


No.2        (a)  Companies will relieve opposite numbers.

                (b)  Advance Parties.  One Officer per Company, one NCO per Platoon and one NCO from Battalion Headquarters will leave Camp at 4.30pm.

                (c)  Transport.  One limber will follow the leading Platoon of each Company for Lewis Guns, magazines, Camp Kettles and Officers Mess Kit.  Limbres will be at Steenje Camp at 7pm.  At 8.30pm one G.S. Wagon and one Maltese Cart will report at Battalion Headquarters for Mess Kit, Signallers Stores and Medical Officer's Stores.

                (d)  Blankets.  Blankets to be rolled in bundles of ten and to be clearly marked, to be stacked outside the Guard Room at 10am.  All Officers Kits etc, for the Quartermaster Stores, will be stacked in a separate dump outside the Guard Room, at 5pm.  Transport Officer will arrange to collect these as well as Battalion Headquarters kits. 

                (e)  Companies will lead off:  C Company 8.00pm; B Company 8.15pm; A Company 8.30pm; D Company 8.45pm; Battalion Headquarters 9.00pm.  Three minutes between Platoons and 200 yards when halted. 

                (f)  Guides.  One Guide per Platoon and for Battalion Headquarters will be at Essex Farm C.25.a.35.85 at 10.30pm.

                (g)  Taking over.  All trench stores, ammunition and defence schemes, work in progress proposed, will be taken over.  Copies of all stores taken over to be sent to Battalion Headquarters by 12 noon 18th inst. 

                (h)  Relief Complete to be reported by wire in BAB Code and by Runner, who will be retained at Battalion Headquarters over night.

                (i)  Route:  Dirty Bucket Corner – Railway Junction – Siege Junction – Dawsons Corner – Cross Roads B.29.d.7.5 – Essex Farm.

                (j)  Rations.  Rations for B and C Companies will be sent to Zouave Villa.  Rations for Battalion Headquarters, A and D Companies will be dumped on the road at a point opposite the small bridge across the Canal, near Battalion Headquarters (about C.25.c.75.60).

                (k)  Water.  Watercart for B and C Companies Zouave Farm.  Battalion Headquarters, A and C Companies, near C.25.c.75.60.  Watercarts are filled at nights.


No.3  Liaison.  2nd Lieutenant Mateer and two Runners from Battalion Headquarters will be attached to the Belgian Battalion Headquarters on the left.  Officer Commanding C and B Companies will detail two good Runners (each) to report to 2nd Lieutenant Mateer at Battalion Headquarters at 9.30am for Liaison Work.  Instructions will be issued to all Runners on reporting.




Issued through Signals at 9pm.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


16 May 1918


Copy No.1 to Officer Commanding A Company

Copy No.2 to Officer Commanding B Company

Copy No.3 to Officer Commanding C Company

Copy No.4 to Officer Commanding D Company

Copy No.5 to Officer Commanding 2nd Royal Irish Rifles

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Quartermaster & Transport Officer

Copy No.8 to Medical Officer


Operation Order No.4

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC, commanding

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Reference Sheet special St Julian 6a.


1.  The Battalion will relieve the 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the right sub sector of the front Line, on the night of the 23/24th inst.


2.             (a)  Companies will relieve like Companies, on relief will be disposed:

                A Company – Right Front Line.  Headquarters Wieltje.

                C Company and one Platoon of D Company – Left Front Line.  Headquarters Caliban Trench.

                D Company (minus one Platoon) – Counter Attack Company.  Headquarters about Wieltje Farm.

                B Company – Reserve Company.  Headquarters Irish Farm.


                (b)  A Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from B Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.

                B Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from A Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.

                C Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from C Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.

                D Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from D Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.


                (c)  All stores, defence schemes, work in progress and proposed to be carefully handed over and copies sent to Battalion Headquarters after dusk on 24 May 1918.  No taking over parties except Signallers, will be sent up.  Two Signallers from each Company and two from Battalion Headquarters will rendezvous at Cross Roads Burnt Farm at 5.30pm and proceed to Battalion Headquarters Hill Top at 200 yards interval between pairs. 


                (d)  Platoons will pass starting points and pick up Guides as per attached March table. 


                (e)  Rations will be sent up to Battalion Dump for A, C and D Companies and Battalion Headquarters at C.21.d.3.6 at 11.30pm.  B Company's rations will be sent direct to Irish Farm.  The Transport Officer will arrange for the empty Limbers to pick up the kits of Officers of the 12th Royal Irish Rifles at these dumps, and take same back to the Reserve Position, evacuated by Companies of this Battalion. 


                Water.  Water Cart fills tank at Battalion Headquarters, refils and fills tank at Irish Farm, then refils again and returns to Battalion Headquarters, when the horses will be sent back.  Water for C and A Companies is sent in Petrol Tins. 


3.  No.13 Platoon D Company will be attached to C Company.  Quartermaster will make necessary arrangements about rations. 


4.  Officer Commanding B Company will arrange that one complete Platoon always remains in reserve for defence, and is not taken for carrying parties etc. 


5.                    R.A.P. [Regimental Aid Post] Hill Top Farm.


6.  Completion of relief will be reported by Runner, he will report to Adjutant, and will remain at Battalion Headquarters overnight.  Relief Complete will also be reported by wire in Code. 

A Company "Nil Return"

B Company "None Required"

C Company "Six Required"

D Company "Four Required"


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


22 May 1918


Issued at Signals 10.15pm



Copy No.1 to Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No.5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Transport Officer

Copy No.8 to Quartermaster

Copy No.9 to Medical Officer

Copy No.10 to ) War Diary

Copy No.11 to )

Copy No.12 to Regimental Sergeant Major

Copy No.13 to File





                                                Pass starting point at          Pick up guides at                  Time

C Company

No.9 Platoon                                         9.20pm                    C.21.c.3.3                               9.30pm

No.10 Platoon                                       9.23                         C.21.c.3.3

No.11 Platoon                                       9.26                         C.21.c.3.3

No.12 Platoon                                       9.29                         C.21.c.3.3

No.13 Platoon                                       9.32                         C.21.c.3.3


A Company

No.1 Platoon                                         9.35pm                    C.26.a.7.6                               9.30pm

No.2 Platoon                                         9.38                         C.26.a.7.6

No.3 Platoon                                         9.41                         C.26.a.7.6

No.4 Platoon                                         9.44                         C.26.a.7.6


D Company

No.14 Platoon                                       9.50pm                    C.26.a.7.6

No.15 Platoon                                       9.53                         C.26.a.7.6

No.16 Platoon                                       9.56                         C.26.a.7.6


B Company

No.5 Platoon                                         10.05pm                  C.26.a.7.6

No.6 Platoon                                         10.08                       C.26.a.7.6

No.7 Platoon                                         10.11                       C.26.a.7.6

No.8 Platoon                                         10.14                       C.26.a.7.6


Battalion Headquarters                       10.20pm                  C.21.d.2.4


200 yards between Platoons.  Punctuality in passing starting points is essential. 


Start point Cross Roads C.20.c.6.2.


Operation Order No.5

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC Commanding

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Reference Special Sheet St Julian 1/10,000


1.  The 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles will relieve the Battalion in the Right Sub-Sector on the night of the 29th/30th May 1918.  On relief the Battalion will move into Reserve at Hospital Farm Camp. 


2.  D Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve A Company 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.

C Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles with one Platoon of A Company will relieve C Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers with one Platoon of D Company.

A Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve D Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers.

B Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve B Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers.


3.             (a)  One Guide per Platoon and Battalion Headquarters under an Officer from B Company will meet the incoming Platoons at Zouave Siding at 9.15pm.  This Officer will be responsible for seeing that Guides know what Platoon of incoming Battalion they are to Guide.  Guides will rendezvous at Battalion Headquarters at 8.45pm under this Officer.


                (b)  All Trench Kits, Officers Mess Boxes etc, will be at Battalion Headquarters Ration Dump at 10.30pm.  The Transport Officer will arrange to send up a G.S. Wagon at 11pm to collect same. 


                (c)  The Quartermaster will arrange to take over Hospital Camp on the 29th inst., and will arrange a Guide to be on duty at detraining point. 


                (d)  Reverend H.F Bally C.F., will hand over Canteen to 107th Infantry Brigade. 


                (e)  Meals.  Hot tea will be sent up as soon as possible after dusk 29th.  Officer Commanding B and D Companies will arrange to send four men each to carry for A and C Companies.  Petrol tins will be carried out.  Dinners will be served on arrival at Hospital Camp. 


                (f)  Handing over.  All Trench stores, Work in Progress, and proposed, Defence schemes, Aeroplane Photographs etc, to be carefully handed over and copy of receipt sent to Battalion Headquarters by 12 noon 30th inst. 


                (g)  Officer Commanding Companies will report their arrival in Camp.


                (h)  Completion of relief to be reported by wire by code word Surnames of Company Commanders. 


4.  Entraining.  The Battalion will entrain at Zouave Siding.  2nd Lieutenant Davis will superintend the entraining.  Detraining Point Cullonden. 

Trains.  1.30am B and D Companies and two Companies 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.  2.00am A and C Companies and two Companies of 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers. 




[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No.5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Transport Officer & Quartermaster

Copy No.8 to 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Copy No.9 to 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Copy No.10 to War Diary


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers



Lieutenant-Colonel P.E Kelly             Command


Major, 2nd in Command



Major G.M Forde MC



Menaul W.J. (MC)                               Command

Brennan C.J.                                          Command



Wilson G.W.

Richardson G.H.

McCrum R.I.

Cooke J.A.

Woods J.                                               Command

Clarke St.G.H.L.                                    Command

Godson E.A. (MC)                               Command


2nd Lieutenants

Davidson A.

Smith J.I.

Kerr C.H.

Robinson G.

Reynolds E.W.

Mateer N.C.

Murphy J.J.

Graham W.G.

Wilding A. (MC)                                  Command

Greenwood C.F.W.

Ross C.A.

Benson J.

Smith C.

Davis V.A.

Leahy T.C.

Burrows M.C.

White T.F.

Boyd J.

Fitzsimon M.O'C.

Midgley B.H.

Barnes R.V.                                           Command

Young J.B.                                             Command

Ratcliffe C.S.

Caldwell J.E.                                          Command

Baker J.D.                                              Command

Tweedie R. (MM)                 Command

Webb R.J.                                              Command

Baker F (MM)                                       Command



Captain I Sparks (MC)



Honorary Lieutenant Wilson G.W.



Captain Bally H.S.                                Chaplain



[Signed] G.M Forde

Major Commanding

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers




9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

June 1918


Ref sheet, local sheet, 27 NE 3A 1/20000. Hospital Farm. Divisional Reserve. Specialists classes for Lewis Gunners, Signallers and Section (..?..). Remainder of Battalion working on Green Line from 6am to 12 noon under Royal Engineers. The afternoon and evening spent in recreation.


Hospital Farm. Divisional Reserve. Church Parades in the morning followed by a cleaning up parade for every man in the Battalion.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. The Battalion was relieved in Divisional Reserve by a Battalion of a Belgian Division. On relief the Battalion moved to Proven. Battalion Headquarters at F.1.d.1.5.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. Battalion remained at Proven. Company training in the morning. 2pm Commanding Officer's parade.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. The whole Battalion with the exception of specialist classes entrained at 4.30am for work on the East Poperinge [sic] line, returning at 2.30pm. The afternoon was spent in recreation. Lieutenant McCausland reported his arrival.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. Battalion working parties as usual entrained at 4.30am.[52]


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. Battalion working parties as usual entrained at 4.30am. Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Barbour awarded the Military Cross for good work since the Division came to France.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. Battalion working parties as usual.


Proven. F.1.d.1.5. Church Parades during the morning. At 11.30am the General Officer Commanding 36th Division inspected the Battalion in drill order and presented medal ribbons. Aportion of the camp was also inspected. A draft of 127 Other Ranks was received during the last two days. The afternoon was spent in recreation. 


Battalion working parties entrained as usual at 4.30am.

Strength:                34 Officers, 974 Other Ranks

Ration strength:   23 Officers, 781 Other Ranks.


Working parties as usual.


Working parties as usual.


Road Camp. E.25.d.2.5. The Battalion moved to Road Camp.


The Army Commander inspected the 108th Infantry Brigade at 11.30am. Parade strength of the Battalion was 21 Officers, 568 Other Ranks. The Companies bathed during the afternoon. The Divisional Commander gave a lecture to all Officers in the 108th Infantry Brigade at 5pm.


Bois St Acaire. The Battalion moved to Bois St Acaire training area, each Company (working?) as an advance guard to a Battalion.


Church Parade. Details of the Battalion bathed. Afternoon was spent in recreation.


Company training including bayonet fighting and musketry. One Company each morning on the range. Specialists classes in the afternoon for Lewis Gunners, Scouts, Signallers, Section Commanders, etc. The range open for voluntary shooting (practice?) the evening.


Ref Local Sheet 27 NE 1/10000. Bois St Acaire. Training continued as on previous days,


Training continued as on previous days, each Company carrying out a flag attack. A successful Battalion concert held in the evening.[53]


During the morning a practice attack was carried out by the Battalion. The Battalion during the afternoon moved to Road Camp.[54]


Road Camp. Church Parades. Lecture to all Officers on aerial photography. Afternoon was spent in recreation.


During the morning a practice flagged attack was carried out by the Battalion on Flying Ground at Proven. During the afternoon Battalion bathed.


The Battalion moved to the musketry camp, Cormette, by train from Proven to St Omer. Strength 30 Officers, 670 Other Ranks.


Cormette. Battalion paraded at 9am for physical drill. Lecture by Commanding Officer to all Officers and Section Commanders from 9-10am. From 11am to 2pm on range for firing. Gas lecture by Division Gas Officer in afternoon.


In the morning Battalion carried out a tactical scheme on 'C' training area from 8am to 12 hours. Football match at 2pm against 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers. From 4-7 hours Battalion on the range. A successful concert was held in the evening.[55]


Ref Hazebrouck 5A. Special Sheet 27 NE local ed. 5A 1/20000. Cormette. Battalion tactical exercise in the morning from 8am to 1pm. Three Companies attacked the enemy outpost line on the Zudausques – St Martin-au-Laert Road. One Company represented the enemy. From 9.30pm to 1am to Battalion carried out a night outpost scheme., with three Companies holding an outpost line outside Leuline and Etrehem,[56] one Company attacking. Lieutenants Dobbyn MC and A.S Galloway, 2nd Lieutenant F.S Bale reported for duty.


Battalion parade from 8.30am to 10am for drill. On the range from 11am until 2pm. All details carried out a snap shooting practice at 3.00. At 2.25pm the Battalion paraded in walking out order and marched into St Omer, where they were dismissed until 8.30pm. Teas were provided and the outing proved a great success. 2nd Lieutenant McFarland reported for duty. 


The 108th Infantry Brigade moved back [to] the Proven area, entraining at St Omer at 9am. (..?..) transport moved by road. On arrival the Battalion was billeted in Peterborough Camp. Battalion Headquarters F.1.c.80.30.

Strength:                30 Officers, 957 Other Ranks

Ration strength    29 Officers, 800 Other Ranks.

Awards during the month:

Distinguished Conduct Medal - 23566 Sergeant R.J McBride.

Military Medal - 41414 Private B Wasson, 41329 Private B McCarley, 14474 Sergeant W.J Mitchell, 14393 Private W Kelly, 43201 Private G.F Miller.


[Signed] G.M Forde

Officer Commanding

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.


Order No.5

By Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Ref Sheets 28NW Ed.6B 27NE Ed.3A


1.  The Battalion on relief by a Belgian Battalion will move to the Proven Area today 3rd inst.


2.  All rifles and equipment will be out of huts and stacked ready to move off at 7am if necessary.


3.         (a) Kits  Arrangements as (notified?).

(b) Dress  Full marching order, steel helmets on packs, water bottles full.

(c) Route  Cross-roads A.23.a.35.05 – International Corner via Chemin Militaire to cross roads F.10.d.9.1 – cross roads F.4.d.5.2.

(d) Intervals  500 yards between bus, 100 yards between Companies, Company Headquarters to march in front of leading Platoon.

(e) Order of march  Band, Battalion Headquarters, A-B-C-D, transport.

(f) Dinners will be served on arrival.


4.  Particular attention is to be paid to march discipline, dressing, men taking off their packs during rest.


Issued at 6.10am

1 June 1918

[Signed] W Sparks

Captain and Adjutant

9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers


Operation Order No.7                                                                                                                          Copy No.12

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

British Expeditionary Force

12 June 1918

Reference Sheet 27NE Local Ed 3.A


No.1  The Battalion will move to Road Camp – F.25.d.2.5 on the 13th inst.


No.2        (a)           Order of march.  Band, Battalion Headquarters, B, C, D & A Companies and transport.

(b)                 Intervals.  100 yards between Companies and between Battalion Headquarters and B Company.

(c)                 Head of column will pass starting point F.1.c.40.05 at 9.30am.

(d)                 Route.  Cross Roads E.12.d.1.4 – F.25.c.3.2.

(e)                 Kits.  Officers' Valises and Mess Boxes of B Company and D Company will be stacked outside the Company Mess by 8am; those of Battalion Headquarters, A and C Companies together with Orderly Room Boxes will be stacked outside the Quartermaster Stores by 8.30am. The Transport Officer will arrange to send a G.S Wagon to collect B and D Companies and the remainder.

(f)                  Dress.  Full marching order, steel helmets to be strapped to the pack. Caps will be worn.

(g)                 Halt.  There will be a halt at 9.50am to 10am.

(h)                 Lewis Guns will be packed tonight.


No.3  The Orderly Officer will hand over the Camp to the incoming Unit and obtain a certificate of cleanliness.  Billeting Parties of the Quartermaster, [the] four Company Quartermaster Sergeants and No.13995 Corporal Brown from Battalion Headquarters will be at Road Camp at 6.30am on the 13th inst. to take over from the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles.  Lists of stores handed and taken over will be sent to the Orderly Room.


No.4  Strict attention is to be paid to march discipline. There will be no smoking on the march, except at the halt.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain and Adjutant

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

12 June 1918




(..?..) at:

No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

No.2 to A Company

No.3 to B Company

No.4 to C Company

No.5 to D Company

No.6 to Commanding Officer

No.7 to Quartermaster

No.8 to Transport Officer

No.9 to Medical Officer

No.10 to Orderly Officer

No.11 to Regimental Sergeant-Major

No.12 to War Diary

No.13 to 2nd in Command

No.14 to file.


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Program of Training from 13 June 1918 to 15 June 1918


Date        Time                       Subject

13.6.18    Morning                                Move to Roud Camp

     "         2.30pm                    Lecture by Commanding Officer, to all Officers and NCOs, on 'Principles to be aimed at in training'.

14.6.18    7.20am                    Reading of Orders, Company roll call, 5 minutes rapid march.

                  to 7.50am

     "         8am to 1pm            Quartermaster to inspect clothing, kit, and equipment of Battalion by Companies. Companies not being inspected will be at disposal of                                   Officers Commanding Companies.

     "         Afternoon             Officers Commanding Companies to explain in detail their advance guard scheme to Platoon Officers and NCOs who in turn will pass it on                                                 to the men. 

15.6.18                                    Each Company will move to Bois St Acaire independently acting as advance guard to a Battalion. Times for moving to be notified later.

16.6.18                                    Divine Service. After service, Companies to be paraded under Commanding Officers Companies, for scrubbing equipment.


(Signed) W.Sparks, Captain and Adjutant

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

12 June 1918


Operation Order No.8                                                                                                                          Copy No.15

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

British Expeditionary Force

14 June 1918


No.1  The Battalion will move to the Bois St Acaire tomorrow the 15th inst. and on arrival will be billeted at a Camp at D.30.d.9.9.


No.2  Each Company will move as an advance guard to a Battalion.


No.3        (a)           Starting point.  F.25.c.3.3.

(b)                 Route.  F[or E].30.c30.45. – Watou – F.28.5.2 – K.2.a.50.80 – K.1.a.10.65 – K.1.a.10.10.

(c)                 Time of passing starting point

                Battalion Headquarters 9am.

                C Company 9.15am.

                D Company 9.35am.

                A Company 9.55am.

                B Company 10.15am.

(d)                 Officers Valises, Mess Stores and Orderly Room Boxes will be stacked on football ground at 9am. Medical Stores will be ready for removal by 9am.

(e)                 Transport will move as a unit, under arrangements to be made by the Transport Officer. Cookers and Watercarts will move with the Transport.

(f)                  Dinners, will be served on arrival.

(g)                 Halts, will be made for 10 minutes after every 50 minutes marching.

(h)                 Dress.  Full marching order. Steel helmets to be strapped to the packs.

(i)                   Arrival in Camp will be reported to the Orderly Room.

(j)                   Each Company will detail a loading party of two men to remain with the Officers' Kits.


No.4  The Orderly Officer will arrange to hand over the Camp.


No.5  The four Company Quartermaster Sergeants will be at the Camp at Bous St Acaire by 9am. They will parade at Orderly Room at 8am with cycles.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain and Adjutant

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

14 June 1918



Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No.5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Major Kerr R.G.

Copy No.8 to Transport Officer

Copy No.9 to Quartermaster

Copy No.10 to Medical Officer

Copy No.11 to Regimental Sergeant-Major

Copy No.12 ) War Diary

Copy No.13 )

Copy No.14 File

Copy No. Spare.


Operation Orders No.10

by Lieutenant-Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

29th June 1918


No.1  The Battalion will move to the Proven Area tomorrow 30th inst. as under.

(a)                 March route to St Omer Station.

Route. Cormette Road – Road junction 660 yards south-west of Church St Martin au Laert – St Martin au Laert. Battalion will parade on ground behind Nissen Hut ready to move off at 7.15am. Parties to be detailed off in forties for entraining purposes.

(b)                 By rail from St Omer to Proven. Train leaves at 10am. Entraining to commence at 9am.

(c)                 March route to Camp at Proven.


No.2  Transport will move by road and will leave at 7am 30th inst.


No.3  All Officers' Valises and one Mess Box per Company will be stacked near the Road outside Nissen Huts by 7am.


No.4  The Quartermaster will arrange to hand over the Camp to the Camp Warden. Copy of receipt to be sent to Battalion Headquarters.


No.5  Cooking arrangements to be made later.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain and Adjutant

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

29 June 1918


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers 30th June 1918


Rank                                       Name                                      How employed


Lieutenant-Colonel              Forde G.M.  MC

Major                                     Kerr R.G.  MC

Captain                                  Menaul W.J.  MC                 On Command

Captain                                  Brennan C.J.                          On Command

Lieutenant                             Morrow J.B.K.

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Godson E.A.  MC On Command

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Sparks W.  MC

Lieutenant                             Wilson G.W.

Lieutenant                             Bale F.S.

Lieutenant                             Baker J.D.

Lieutenant                             Richardson G.H.

Lieutenant                             McCrum R.I.                          On Command

Lieutenant                             McCausland I.E.

Lieutenant                             Dobbyn A.L.  MC

2nd Lieutenant                       Davidson A.

2nd Lieutenant, A/Captain   Smith J.I.

2nd Lieutenant                       Kerr C.H.

2nd Lieutenant                       Robinson G.

2nd Lieutenant                       Galloway A.J.

2nd Lieutenant                       Reynolds G.W. [E.W]

2nd Lieutenant                       Mateer N.C.

2nd Lieutenant                       Murphy J.J.  MC DCM

2nd Lieutenant                       Graham W.G.

2nd Lieutenant                       McFarland E.M.  MC

2nd Lieutenant                       Greenwood C.F.W.

2nd Lieutenant                       Davies H.L.                           On Command       

2nd Lieutenant                       Ross C.A.

2nd Lieutenant, A/Captain   Benson J.              

2nd Lieutenant                       Leahy T.C.

2nd Lieutenant                       Burrows M.C.

2nd Lieutenant                       White F.

2nd Lieutenant                       Ratcliffe C.S.

2nd Lieutenant                       Boyd J.

2nd Lieutenant                       Moran S.F.                            On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Benson G.                              On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Bryson J.

2nd Lieutenant                       Baker F.  MM        )               Posted not joined, list 427

2nd Lieutenant                       Tweedie R.  MM  )


Lieutenant, A/Captain         Sparks W.  MC


Lieutenant                             Wilson G.W.

Transport Officer

Lieutenant                             Morrow J.B.K


Captain                                  Allman W.G.  (CF)

Lieutenant                             McGuinness F.B. (RAMC)


[Signed] G.M Forde


Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

2 July 1918



9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

July 1918


Map Ref 27 NE Local 1/20000 L Sheet 27 Sheet 28. Proven. Divisional Horse Show was held on the ground of the aerodrome at Proven on account of the fine weather and proved a great success. A large percentage of the Battalion attended.


Battalion on working parties. Four companies working on East Poperinghe Line. Approximate strength of working parties 430. Working parties on completion of work march to Road Camp E.25.d.20.50.


Road Camp. Battalion moves to Le Carreaux area, route St-Jan-Ter-Biezen – K.17 – K.16.b.8.6 – K.27 – Steenvoorde. Area taken over from the French 79th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Nonebosche.


NoneBosche Area. Training continued under Company Commanders from 9am to 12.15pm. Afternoon recreational.


Training as on the 4th inst. Specialist training under instructors.[57]


Battalion parade in morning at 9.30am. Echelon B in rear of each Company. 2nd Lieutenant Ross C.Q. taken over duty as Battalion Intelligence Officer.  Battalion in the evening relieved the Reserve Battalion of the 42nd Infantry Regiment (French) in the vicinity of Piebrouck. Route Godewaerswelde – Q.18.a.50.7 – Piebrouck. Parade 11pm ready to move. Strength: Officers 19, Other Ranks 592. Battalion details move to Ecke area, billeted together with details of 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and 12th Royal Irish Rifles. Strength: Officers 6, Other Ranks 97.


Piebrouck (Reserve). Battalion in the evening relieved a Battalion of the 23rd French Regiment in the Hoogenacker sector. Relief was completed without disturbance at about 2am. Remainder of night passed quietly.


Hoogenacker (Left sub-sector). The day was quiet, except for aircraft activity. At night enemy machine-guns were fairly active firing on reserve positions. Enemy transport heard quite plainly.[58]


Aircraft very active. A paper gas balloon was dropped over enemy's lines. At night usual machine-gun firing with some trench mortars.


Day and night passed off quietly. Nothing else of importance.


Ordinary activity. While reconnoitering front line with Colonel Lowe, Major Kerr was killed at 1am.[59]


Slightly more activity of enemy artillery. Battalion was relieved by the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and moved into Brigade Reserve on Mont Noir (M.19.d.65.05). Sheet Kemmel 28 SW 1/10000. Total casualties: 1 Officer and 8 Other Ranks


Mont Noir. Men engaged on work parties on defence lines, working partly by day and by night.


Same programme as previous day. Small red balloon with propaganda matter dropped from enemy aeroplane.


Enemy guns active. Numerous shells dropping during day especially in Quarry causing two casualties.[60]


Everything normal. Enemy artillery active at Quarry. At 12 midnight 12th Royal Irish Rifles attempted to raid enemy unsuccessfully. A heavy barrage was laid on enemy lines to which he replied feebly.


At 3am [17 July] enemy raided 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers. The relief intended to take place was cancelled. At midnight everybody stood to in anticipation of enemy attack which, however, did not happen. Our artillery were very active throughout the night. Major Tamplin joined the Battalion at Mont Noir. Relief took place at night of 12th Royal Irish Rifles in right sector (Meulehouck). Strength: 19 Officers, 565 Other Ranks.


Meulehouck (right of left sub-sector). 8am. The 9th Division on our right captured Meteren. Every retaliation was slight. One hit with small shell on Battalion Headquarters. The night was fairly quiet with slight artillery activity.


Artillery chiefly engaged on back areas. Day and night passed quietly.


Maps – 28 Bailleul & Berthen 1/10000 (Edition 1 B local). Meulehouck (right of left sub-sector). Day and night normal.


12.45am. B Company under Captain Murphy DCM MC and 2nd Lieutenants Reynolds, Leahy, Radcliffe and McFarlane and No.15 Platoon of D Company raided Shoddy Farm. One prisoner was captured and thirty others were estimated to be killed. Our casualties: Two Officers and five Other Ranks missing with eleven slightly wounded. The enemy put down a machine-gun barrage followed by artillery support while the party was in No Man's Land. We also captured two light machine-guns, one of which was lost through the carrier becoming a casualty. During day and following night ordinary activity on either side. A Platoon patrolled at night in search of missing men with no success.[61]


Day was quiet. Same patrol at night but no bodies were found. The Battalion was relieved by the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and moved with the remainder of Brigade into Divisional Reserve at Spotterke (R.15.d.10.70). Total casualties: 2 Officers and 4 Other Ranks missing, 11 wounded.


Ref sheet 28 Berthen 1/10000. Spotterke. No movement is made in daylight as camp is under observation. Battalion engaged on work at night on Berthen defences. Company Quartermaster Sergeant Kemp from 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers joins the Battalion as 2nd Lieutenant. [62]


Normal during day. At night the Battalions go to Baths at Berthen.[63]


Enemy guns more active especially at night. Lewis Gunners fire their guns for testing and practice. Between 11pm and 12 midnight, enemy shell camp, getting a direct hit on Medical tent.


Mont des Cats. Battalion shifted camp in small parties to R.13.d.85.75 which is not in view from enemy lines, and billeted in various houses, dugouts and tents and movement can be made in daylight. No work was done at night.


Church Parade was held in the afternoon and part of Battalion bathed at transport lines. Battalion engaged on usual work party at night.


Lewis Gun Section from each Company fire at improvised range in the morning. Lecture given by the Commanding Officer in the afternoon. One Company is all off usual work party in order to do some training on following day. 


Mont des Cats. Different Lewis Gun Sections fire at range. 'A' Company carries on with training during day. Usual work party at night.


Usual parades and work parties. Men with revolvers are given instruction in use of same, carrying out firing practice.

Awards during the month: Military Medal – 13658 Sergeant R Johnston, 43447 Private Pye, E; Bar to Military Medal – 13971 Sergeant J Adams.

Strength: 35 Officers, 973 Other Ranks.

Total casualties during the month: 1 Officer killed, 2 Officers missing; 3 Other Ranks killed, 40 Other Ranks wounded, 5 Other Ranks missing.


[Signed] G.M Forde

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


Operation Orders No.11

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


1st July 1918


Reference Sheet 27. N.E. 1/20,000. Local Ed. 1 A.


No.1  The Battalion will move to Road Camp on the 2nd July 1918.


No.2  The working parties on the Blue Line and Battery positions will rejoin the Battalion at Road Camp on completion of the day's work.


No.3  The remainder of the Battalion will form up in A Company's Lines ready to move off as one party at 9.5am [sic].  Transport will move in rear of the Battalion, 100 yards between Battalion and Transport, 25 yards between every six vehicles.


Route:  Proven Poperinghe Road – cross roads F.21.a.2[.]6 – cross roads F.25.a.3[.]9.


No.4        (a)  The Packs of the Working Party will be stacked as under by 8am:

                                B and D Companies outside Cookhouses.

                                C and Battalion Headquarters outside Guard Room.

                                A Company outside Company store.

                Officer Commanding Companies will arrange for a guard to be placed on these kits.

                (b)  Officers' Valises and Mess Boxes will be stacked with the men's kits ready for removal by 8am.

(c)  The Transport Officer will arrange to collect Medical Stores and Battalion Headquarters Mess Boxes at 8.30am.

                (d)  The Quartermaster and four Company Quartermaster Sergeants will arrange to be taken over Road Camp.  The Orderly Officer will hand                           over the Camp to the Camp Warden and obtain receipts. 


No.5  Arrangements as to dinners for the working parties on their return will be notified later.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

1 July 1918




Issued at:



Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No.5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Second in Command

Copy No.8 to Transport Officer

Copy No.9 to Quartermaster

Copy No.10 to Medical Officer

Copy No.11 to Regimental Sergeant Major


Operation Orders No.12

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


2nd July 1918


Reference Sheet 27. N.E. 3 A Local 1/20,000 & Sheet 27.


No.1  The Battalion will move to the Le Carreaux Area on the 3rd July 1918.


No.2        (a)  Companis and Battalion Headquarters will be formed up on their Parade Grounds ready to move off at 8.35am in the following order:


                Battalion Headquarters

                D Company

                A Company

                B Company

                C Company


                (b)  Distance:  100 yards between Battalion Headquarters and Companies and Transport and rear Company. Fifty yards between every six vehicles.

                (c)  Route:  St Jan-Ter-Biezen – K.17 – K.18.b.8.(8?) – K.27 Steenvoorde.

                (d)  All Officers' Valises, Mess Boxes, Signalling Stores and Orderly Room Boxes will be stacked on the Football Ground by 7.30am.  Officer Commanding Companies will arrange to put as much Mess Kit on the Cookers as possible.

                (e)  Billeting Party.  The Quartermaster, four Company Quartermaster Sergeants and Corporal Brown D. will take over the new Camp. Bicycles will be drawn.

                (f)  The Orderly Officer will arrange to hand over the Camp to the Camp Warden and obtain a certificate of cleanliness.  He will also arrange for all furniture to be collected into the Canteen.

                (g)  Battalion time will be sent to all concerned.

                (h)  Dinners will be served on arrival.

                (i)  Dress.  Full Marching Order, caps to be worn.


No.3  Strict attention is to be paid to March Discipline.  Water Bottles to be filled. 


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

2 July 1918




Issued at:


Copy No.1 sent to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 sent to A Company

Copy No.3 sent to B Company

Copy No.4 sent to C Company

Copy No.5 sent to D Company

Copy No.6 sent to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 sent to Second in Command

Copy No.8 to Transport Officer

Copy No.9 to Quartermaster

Copy No.10 to Medical Officer

Copy No.11 to Regimental Sergeant Major

Copy No.12 War Diary

Copy No.13 War Diary


Operation Orders No.13

by Major Kerr R.G. MC

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


5th June 1918


Reference Sheet 27 & Local Sheets.


No.1  The Battalion will relieve the Reserve Battalion of the 42nd Infantry Regiment (French) on the night of the 6/7th inst. and on relief will be disposed in the vicinity of Piebrouck.



(a)     The Battalion less Echelon B will be formed up ready to move off from Ground in Front of Battalion Headquarters at 8.15pm. 

(b)     Guides.  One Guide per Company will meet the Battalion at Codewaerswelde at 9.0pm.

(c)     Route.  Codewaerswelde – Q.18.a.50.7 – Piebrouck.

(d)     Distances.  50 yards between Platoons, 100 yards between Companies. Officer Commanding Companies will arrange to keep careful touch.

(e)     Officers' Trench Kits and Trench Mess Box will be ready stacked by 7.0pm by Company Field Kitchens.

(f)      Orders as to Personnel and Kits of Echelon B will be notified later.

(g)     Lewis Gun Limbers containing all Company Kits and rations will follow the leading Platoon of each Company.

(h)     Dress.  Battle Order.  Water bottles must be filled.  The greatcoats, haversacks and surplus kits of all men going up the line will be placed in sandbags with Regimental No., rank, name, platoon, and Regiment clearly marked on the outside. 

(i)       All surplus kits to be stacked at Company Stores (except from 2 Platoons B Company).  Further orders will be issued. 

(j)       One water cart will accompany the Battalion.


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

6 July 1918


Operation Order No.14

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC


1.  The 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers will relieve the 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in the left sub sector on the night 12/13th July 1918.


2.  On relief the Battalion will move into Brigade reserve relieving the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.


3.             A Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers relieve B Company 9th.

                B Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers relieve A Company 9th.

                C Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers relieve D Company 9th.

                D Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers relieve C Company 9th.


4.  The five NCOs sent down tonight will take over as under:

                A Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers relieves A Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.

                B Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers relieves B Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.

                C Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers relieves C Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.

                D Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers relieves D Company 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.


5.  Guides.  The five NCOs sent down tonight will bring in Companies of the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers relieving their own Companies.  They will then guide back their Platoons on relief to the new positions. 


6.  Handing over.  All trench stores, maps, defence schemes and aeroplane photos, work in progress, work proposed will be carefully handed over and receipts sent to Battalion Headquarters by 6pm 13th inst.  Fuller phones, Lucas lamps will also be handed over.


7.  An interval of 200 yards will be kept between Platoons on moving out.


8.  Completion of relief to be reported by runner in the cases of A and C Companies, by phone by B and D Companies.  Code name of Company Commander. 


9.  All liaison posts will be carefully handed over. 


10.  All petrol tins must be carried out by Companies as Companies depend upon these tins to draw water in Company areas.


11.  Arrangements are trying to [be] made to give men a hot meal on arrival.


12.  Acknowledge.


(sgd) W Sparkes

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Royal Irish Fusiliers


Issued at 1am, 12 July 1918


Copy No.

1              108 Brigade

2              A Company

3              B Company

4              C Company

5              D Company

6              Quartermaster, Transport Officer

7              1st Royal Irish Fusiliers

8              Commanding Officer

9              War Diary


Operation Order No.15

by Lieutenant Colonel Forde MC

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers



Sheet 28 NW 1 1/10,000


1.  The Battalion will relieve the 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the right sub sector on the night of the 17/18th inst. 


2.             A Company will relieve A Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles in right front line.

                C Company will relieve B Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles in left front line.

                D Company will relieve D Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles as CA Company.

                B Company will relieve C Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles in Reserve.


3.  Guides.  The 12th Royal Irish Rifles are sending one Guide per Platoon, Company Headquarters and Battalion Headquarters to House at M.31.b.80.75 at 11pm on night of 17th inst.  Each Company and Battalion Headquarters will send one Guide to Headquarters 12th Royal Irish Rifles at 1.45am on night of 16/17th inst. to guide back taking over parties of 12th Royal Irish Rifles.  Taking over parties of 1 NCO, 1 Signaller, 2 Runners per Company, 1 Signaller, 2 Runners and 1 Scout from Battalion Headquarters will rendezvous at A Company's Headquarters at 1.0am on night 16/17 inst. and will proceed to report at Battalion Headquarters 12th Royal Irish Rifles to take over. 


4.  Order of March.  Companies will be at M.31.b.30.75 at following times on night 17/18th inst:

                B                             11pm                       )

                A                             11.15pm                  ) 200 yard

                C                             11.30pm                  ) intervals

                D                             11.45pm                  ) between

                Battalion HQ         12 midnight           ) Platoons


5.  Battalion Headquarters and R.A.P. [Regimental Aid Post?] situated at Chateau M.32.a.00.10.


6.  Completion of relief to be reported by code word "James".




[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant



Issued at 7pm, 16 July 1918


Copy No.1             108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2             A Company

Copy No.3             B Company

Copy No.4             C Company

Copy No.5             D Company

Copy No.6             Quartermaster & Transport Officer

Copy No.7             12th Royal Irish Rifles

Copy No.8             File

Copy No.9             War Diary


Operation Order No.16

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers

Ref. Sheet 28 SW 1/10,000

20 July 1918


(1)  Intention         To raid enemy strong point about S.8.a.70.50.

(2)  Object              (a)  Gain identifications.

                                (b)  Inflict loss on the enemy.

                                (c)  Definitely locate enemy positions opposite right Company front.

(3)  Strength          One Company plus one Platoon.

(4)  Assembly point             S.8.a.20.70 to S.8.a.20.20.

(5)  Plan                  At zero hour sweep across in a north easterly direction keeping on the forward slope of the spur. Clear the houses in S.8.a and also two suspected machine-gun posts, and return to our lines at S.2.d.25.80.

                                One Platoon with four Lewis Guns will act as Southern Flank Guard; one Lewis Gun section was western guard.

(6)  Barrage            Barrage of High Explosives will come down at zero hour along wall north west of the Asylum and also on the Asylum.

(7)  Arms                Rifle and bayonet; ten Lewis Guns; one Section carrying rifle grenades; one Section in each Platoon to carry two Mills No.5 Bombs to clear cellars.

(8)  Signals            One Green Very Light – lengthen range.

                                Two Green Very Lights (sent up in succession) – stop shooting.

                                One Red Very Light (sent up by raiding party) – signal for detached posts to withdraw.

(9)  Watches         Watches will be synchronised at 8pm.

(10) Zero                Zero hour – 1 a.m. (one a.m.).

                                Company four Platoons will be in position at the assembly point at 12.30am.

                                One Platoon will be at the assembly point by 11.15pm and act as covering party.

(11) Date                Night 21st/ 22nd July 1918.

(12) General           Officer Commanding raiding party (Captain J.J Murphy MC DCM) will keep one Platoon in reserve.

                                Flank guards will keep about 60 yards in rear of reserves.

                                On withdrawal being ordered if the situation demands it, all five Lewis Gun Teams will withdraw by rushes, not more than two teams at once, covered by the fire from the rest, and enter our lines at S.2.d.25.80 and to have one man stationed on enemy side of each gap to guide party in.

Identifications      All letters and badges etc will be taken off all ranks taking part in the raid.


(Signed) G.M Forde, Lieutenant-Colonel

Commanding, 9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers


Issued by runner at

12 midnight 20/ 21st July 1918


Copy:     No.1        108th Infantry Brigade

                No.2        Officer Commanding B Company

                No.3        Officer Commanding C Company

                No.4        Officer Commanding

                No.5        War Diary



Copy No.8

Potter Group Order No.8


1.             The 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers will carry out a raid on enemy posts in square S.8.a tomorrow night 21/22nd inst.

2.             Zero hour will be 1.0 a.m.

3.             The party, strength one Company, will leave our line at about S.2.c.20.30 and will be formed up facing east on the line S.8.a.20.20 – S.8.a.20.90 by zero hour. At zero they will advance east, mop up the enemy posts at S.8.a.55.71, S.8.a.70.48, and S.8.a.98.22, and any other post they may encounter and return to our lines at S.2.d.60.35.

                The raiders will be protected by a flank guard put out along the road S.8.b.05.17 – S.8.c.42.91.

4.             The Artillery of the Potter Group will co-operate as follows.

                At zero put down a barrage as follows:

                A/153     1 gun on House S.14.b.08.97.

                                5 guns S.8.d.30.07 – S.8.d.47.30.

                B/153      (6 guns) S.8.d.47.30 – S.8.d.73.57.

                C/153      (6 guns) S.8.d.73.57 – S.8.d.98.82.

                D/153      Search area S.8.d.88.43 – S.14.b.45.93 – S.14.b.75.68 – S.9.c.26.20.

                Rates of fire

                18-pounders:         Zero to Zero plus 10 minutes 3 rounds per gun per minute. Zero plus 10 minutes until Stop 2 round per gun per minute.

                4.5" Howitzers      Zero to Zero plus 10 minutes 2 rounds per gun per minute. Zero plus 10 minutes until Stop 1½ round per gun per minute.

                (N.B. It is anticipated that the operation should be complete by Zero plus 40 minutes.)


                18-pounders and 4.5" Howitzers: High Explosive (not 106 fuze) with 50% delay action fuzes if the latter are available.

5.             The Battalion Liaison Officer will be located with the Officer Commanding Battalion at S.2.d.60.35, and will arrange with the latter for direct telephone communication from that point to Group Headquarters.

6.             The following light signals have been arranged:

                1 Green Very Light. Lengthen range. On this signal all guns will add 200 yards to their range.

                2 Green Very Lights fired in rapid succession. Stop firing.

                These signals will be repeated from the rocket guard Observation Post at Ernest, and batteries must keep a sharp look-out for them.

                The stop firing signal will also be fired to indicate that the raiding party have re-entered our lines.

7.             Barrage lines will be registered tomorrow 21st inst. This must be done as unostentatiously as possible.

8.             To avoid arousing the enemy's suspicions, a preliminary barrage exactly as in para 4 will be fired at 10 pm on the night of the raid, and will be continued for 5 minutes only.

                Rates of fire for preliminary barrage:

                18-pounders – 3 round per gun per minute.

                4.5" Howitzers – 2 rounds per gun per minute.

9.             Watches will be synchronised at midnight on the night of the raid.

10.           Acknowledge.


[Signed] C Potter

Lieutenant-Colonel Royal Field Artillery

Commanding Potter Group

20th July 1918


Copy      No.1        Officer Commanding, A/153rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                No.2        Officer Commanding, B/153rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                No.3        Officer Commanding, C/153rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                No.4        Officer Commanding, D/153rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery

                No.5        Headquarters, 108th Infantry Brigade (for information)

                No.6        Headquarters, 36th Divisional Artillery (for information)

                No.7        Officer Commanding, Simpson Group (for information)

                No.8        Headquarters, 108th Infantry Brigade (for Officer Commanding 9th Royal Irish Rifles)



Amendments to Potter Group Order No.8 dated 20/7/18


Para 4     Amend rates of fire and ammunition to read as follows:

18-pounders.         Zero to Zero plus five minutes. 3 rounds per gun per minute.

                                Zero plus 5 to Zero plus 15 minutes. 2 rounds per gun per minute.

                                Zero plus 15 to Stop firing. 1 round per gun per minute.

4.5" Howitzers.     Zero to Stop firing. 1½ rounds per Howitzer throughout.


18-pounders.         C/153, Shrapnel fuze 80 – 50% on graze.

                                A/153) High explosives (not fuze 106) with 50% delay action fuzes if the latter are available.


4.5" Howitzers.     As previously ordered.

Para 8.                    Erase. The preliminary bombardment will not now take place.


[Signed] (J?) Cartwright

Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery

Adjutant 153rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery



To: All recipients of Potter Group Order No.8.



108th Brigade No.186

108th Brigade


Reference your No.186 of 22.7.18, the Divisional Commander considers the raid was well planned and that the raiding party carried out its task with determination and fought well.


(Sd) A.G. Thomson, Lt-Col.  G.S.

23rd July 1918




To Officer Commanding

9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers

Forwarded for your information with reference to the Raid carried out by you on 22nd inst.


[Signed] (?) B. Rogers, Captain

A/Brigade Major

108th Infantry Brigade




Officer Commanding B Company

For your information and return please


[Signed] W Sparks


9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers


Operation Orders No.17

by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  22 July 1918


Reference Sheets 27 SE & 28 SW 1/20,000


1.  The Battalion will be relieved in the right sub sector by the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers on the night of the 23/24th July 1918.  On relief, the Battalion will move to Spotterke area R.15.d.



(a)  9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers                     9th Royal Irish Fusiliers

                No.1 Company relieves                       A Company right front

                No.3 Company relieves                       C Company left front

                No.4 Company relieves                       D Company CA position

                No.2 Company relieves                       B company reserve


(b)  Taking over parties.  9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers will report to Companies tonight 22/23rd inst.


(c)  Taking over parties of 2nd Lieutenant Rose, one NCO per Company and Battalion Headquarters will report at Battalion Headquarters at 1.30am 23rd inst and proceed to take over billets from 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.  They will meet the Battalion at R.15.d.3.3. 


(d)  Guides.  One NCO per Platoon, Company Headquarters and Battalion Headquarters will report at Battalion Headquarters at 10.15pm 23rd inst and will meet the incoming Battalion at houses M.31.b.80.80 at 10.30pm.  Each guide is to be given a slip of paper stating the relieving Platoon he is to guide.  Order of march of relieving Companies:  2,3,1,4.


(e)  One limber per Company and one limber for Headquarters will be for Lewis Guns and Company mess boxes.  Time and place will be notified later.


(f)  Handing over.  All defence schemes, photos, work in progress and proposed, trench stores, will be handed over and copy of receipt sent to Battalion Headquarters by 6pm 24 inst.  Bugler posts will be handed over.


(g)  Route.  Berthen – Spotterke (R.15).  100 yards to be maintained between Platoons.


(h)  The Quartermaster will arrange for a hot meal on arrival. 


(i)  Completion of relief to be reported by code word of Company Commander's name. 


3.  Arrival in Billets is to be reported in Orderly Room.




[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant


Issued at 9.30pm by Runner.


Copy No.

1              108th Infantry Brigade

2              A Company

3              B Company

4              C Company

5              D Company

6              Commanding Officer

7              Quartermaster

8              Transport Officer

9              9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

10            File

11 )          War Diary

12 )


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers


Rank                                       Name                                      How employed


Lieutenant-Colonel              Kelly P.E.                               On Command

Lieutenant-Colonel              Forde G.M.  MC                   In Command

Major                                     Tamplin R.J.A. DSO             2nd In Command

Captain                                  Menaul W.J.  MC                 On Command

Captain                                  Brennan C.J.                          On Command

Captain                                  Godson E.A.  MC On Command

Captain                                  Sparks W.  MC                     Adjutant

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Morrow J.B.K.                      Transport Officer

Lieutenant                             Wilson G.W.                         Quartermaster

Lieutenant                             Bale F.S.                 Platoon Commander

Lieutenant                             Richardson G.H.                   Assistant Adjutant

Lieutenant                             McCrum R.I.                          Platoon Commander

Lieutenant                             Dobbyn A.L.  MC                Platoon Commander

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Lindsay R.H.                         Officer Commanding D Company

Lieutenant                             Tees E.S.L.                            On Command

Lieutenant                             Davidson A.                         Leave

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Kerr C.H.                                Officer Commanding A Company

Lieutenant                             Robinson G.                          Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Galloway A.J.                        Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Reynolds E.W.                     Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Mateer N.C.                           On Command

2nd Lieutenant, A/Captain   Murphy J.J.  MC DCM        Officer Commanding B Company

2nd Lieutenant                       Graham W.G.                         Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Greenwood C.F.W.              Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Davies H.L.                           On Command       

2nd Lieutenant                       Ross C.A.                              Intelligence Officer

2nd Lieutenant, A/Captain   Benson J.                               Officer Commanding C Company

2nd Lieutenant                       Leahy T.C.                             Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Burrows H.C.                        Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       White T.W.                           On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Boyd J.                                   Platoon Commander

2nd Lieutenant                       Wilson C.R.                           On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Moran S.F.                            On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Bryson J.                               On Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Kemp H.  MM                       Platoon Commander                           


Adjutant:  Captain Sparks W.  MC

Quartermaster:  Lieutenant Wilson G.W.

Transport Officer:  Lieutenant A/Captain Morrow J.B.K

Attached:  Captain Allman W.S.  (C.F.)

                   Captain Brown C.R. (Royal Army Medical Corps)



Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

2 August 1918





9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

August 1918


Map Reference Sheet 28 Berthen 1/10000. Mont des Cats. One Company carried on with training. Lewis Gun Sections from each Company fired at range and men with revolvers had parade for instruction. At night three Companies were working on Berthen defences. Two men were slightly wounded. In afternoon the Division Band played for two hours. Captain J Gibson joined the Battalion from transport lines. Two men were wounded on working party.


Usual firing of Lewis Guns. Day was wet; causing parades took form of lectures. At night work was done by five Platoons (C Company and No.13 of D). Casualties, two killed, four wounded.


Training was carried out in forenoon by those Companies who were not working during night and by the whole Battalion in the afternoon from 1-3pm. Companies arranged their own programmes of work. At night the usual work party took place.[64]


The Commanding Officer and Adjutant visited details, Divisional Reception and Reinforcement Camps. Major Tamplin DSO and Lieutenant Richardson with nine Other Ranks attend special Intercessory Service held at Terdeghem in commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the outbreak of war. Usual Lewis Gun firing took place in the morning.


Mont des Cats. Wesleyan and Presbyterians paraded at 2.30pm for Church with 12th Royal Irish Rifles. Church of Ireland service was held at 6pm. No work was done at night.


Battalion was inspected by the Commanding Officer at 1pm. At 3pm a lecture was given by Captain Bless on the war. The lecture was good but the weather bad. Work was done as usual.


Ordinary parades took place. Between 11.30pm and 12 midnight enemy fired about 50 rounds (about 6") on battery positions immediately in rear of Battalion area. Our guns retaliated. The usual work was done at night.


No training done. At night Battalion relieved the 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in right of left sub-sector (Meulehouck). Relief done satisfactorily by 1.30am, only one casualty through enemy shelling. Remainder of night passed quietly. Strength [blank]


Reference Sheet 28 Bailleul 1/10000. Meulehouck. Enemy shelled St Jans Cappel with 5.9 throughout day while our guns replied on Bailleul. Our planes very active. Enemy planes seldom crossed our lines. One fired into our trench early in morning. Slight machine gun activity at night. Two patrols were out during night. One was detected at S.2.c.15.20 and fired on. The other under 2nd Lieutenant J Boyd was fired at and bombed from house at S.3.c.10.10, two men being wounded.


At 3.15am enemy detected at our wire at S.2.d.35.60 but disappeared on fire being opened. Three blasts of whistle were heard from enemy trench soon after. Enemy guns were active on front line in morning. Twenty (5.9) on S.1.d.6.6, our guns active day and night on enemy rear area. Usual aircraft activity. At 8.30pm one enemy aircraft was over our line while another was brought down by one of ours. Enemy balloon also brought down in flames south of Bailleul. Patrols were out under Captain J Benson and 2nd Lieutenant Behannah, but did not come into contact with enemy. The latter estimated Shoddy Farm garrison to be forty. At 6.30pm Lieutenant Dobbyn MC got into enemy trench at S.3.c.8.5 but only found greatcoat and pack. Another patrol under 2nd Lieutenant Burrowes at 4.30pm got to consolidated shell holes at S.3.c.05.05 where they fired at enemy party.


Usual activity on either side. At 4am twenty rounds of heavy Trench Mortars were fired on left of sector. At 11pm patrol of 32 Other Ranks under Captain J Benson and 2nd Lieutenant Behannah attempted to raid Shoddy Farm but were attacked in rear and after hand-to-hand fight in which casualties were inflicted on either side, returned. Our casualties, Captain Benson missing, two Other Ranks killed, two wounded.[65]


Enemy artillery very quiet, ours active. Usual enemy plane at 5am and 8.30pm. Night passed quietly.[66]


At 3.10am heavy bombardment by our guns in direction of Locre. The day passed as usual. Between 10 and 10.30pm enemy put up ten lights bursting into orange rain, but no apparent result or action. Enemy appeared to be working actively in front lines. Our patrols obtained nothing. Our planes very active bombing at night.


At 1.30am heavy concentrated bombardment on Bailleul. During day enemy artillery slightly more active. Two of his planes crossed our line at 8.30pm. One returned to his own line, the other surrendered to four of ours, putting out a red flare. He was then escorted back to our own aerodrome. Lieutenant Dobbyn MC with two others got into enemy line at 5.15pm at S.3.c.9.5, where they killed a German and wounded another. Six others fled. Patrol at night under 2nd Lieutenant C.A Ross was fired on by Machine Guns and bombs. Three Other Ranks were wounded. Remainder of night passed as usual. 2nd Lieutenant H.L Davies joined from transport lines.[67]


Enemy artillery fairly active, shelling St Jans Cappel with 5.9 from 2.40am to 3am and S.2.c.20.50 from 10.15am to 10.45am with 43 shells of (77 (...?...)). Our artillery were active. At night they fired eight rockets over Bailleul. These are like ordinary Very lights but much stronger light. From experience it is found that enemy sometimes put up red flares bursting into rain when our patrols are out, as if he has discovered them and so gives warning to sentries.


Day was ordinary. At night the Battalion was relieved by the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles and on relief moved into Brigade reserve at Mont Noir. Relief was completed by 1.30am. Disposition of Companies: A & D in wood near Woelfhoek, B in Quarry and C in Blue Line. Strength [blank].[68]


Reference Sheet 28 Kemmel 1/10000. Mont Noir. Day was spent in cleaning and inspections. At 10pm two Companies bathed at R.26.d. central. Work was done at tunnel at Battalion Headquarters and salvage at Berthen.


Mont Noir. About 11am the 9th Division attacked on our right and appeared to get their objectives from observation at Mont Noir. Two Companies bathed at night, while one worked. Number of fires were seen behind enemy lines.


At intervals enemy shelled battery positions behind Mont Noir with 5.9 calibre guns. At night one and a half Platoons worked from 9pm to 12 midnight on communication trench to left Battalion Headquarters, two Platoons daily from 6 to 12 midday on Blue Line.


Enemy artillery were active, shelling behind Mont Noir with 5.9 and field guns. The usual work was done. At night the two Platoons on left of Blue Line were relieved by two of D Company. The Brigade on the left made a slight advance, capturing about 70 prisoners.


The day passed as usual. Our relief of the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers was cancelled and orders given for an attack to be made by the Brigade. The 15th Royal Irish Rifles (107th Brigade) captured Mural and Wirral Farms, capturing 17 prisoners, at 12.30am, with 40 (wounded) casualties.


Preparations are made for attack by us on road from S.3.c to S.8.a at night the Company in Blue Line was relieved by a Company of the 1st Royal Irish Rifles. At 11.30pm the front line was bombarded with shells of various calibre and gas. Enemy made an unsuccessful counter-attack on Mural Farm. Working parties at night made dumps of material for consolidating purposes in front line.


Meulehouck. All NCOs and men instructed in method of attack and final preparations for same were made. At 8.30pm Battalion moved into the line on right of left sub-sector (Meulehouck) and cut gaps in wire. The night was very quiet on our front but towards Locre the enemy shelled heavily and appeared to attack about 11pm. Our artillery opened fire in reply to SOS.


2.30am. Enemy re-opened shelling on left for an hour. Our front was very quiet. The morning opened dull and rain fell. Three of our planes flew over the line and one enemy. At 7am the Companies were in position, A on left, B in centre and D on right. Our barrage opened with machine gun fire and trench mortars. After one minute the artillery barrage started and the Companies moved forward to the attack. After a few minutes the enemy put up lights which were replied to by artillery fire. This fell first upon the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers front but then worked across our own, the shelling being particularly heavy in S.2.d central. Some of our own 18-pounder shells fell very short at S.2.d.80.50. Our smoke barrage was not very heavy, especially on the right. The enemy seemed to be taken by surprise and were more inclined to run than fight. The objectives were reached without much opposition. A and D overran their objectives and had to retire to conform with the line. 'A' Company put up white Very light at 7.20am to signal objective reached. At 8am the whole objective was taken and consolidation was carried on until 10am. C Company followed on behind B and D as second wave and mopped up. They also helped in consolidation, after which three Platoons came back to our old front line trench as support Company while the other Platoon stayed with B Company. At 9.30 our shelling ceased but the smoke barrage continued until 10am. The enemy artillery quietened down considerably. At 10am contact aeroplane came along while another plane dropped two boxes of Small Arms Ammunition near Soot Farm. There was slight enemy shelling throughout the day on front line area and on the Meulehouck. The 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers obtained their objective also and liaison was established along our line and with the 1st Royal Irish Rifles on our right. At 3pm our artillery opened fire on S.8.a where the enemy were reported to be massing. Enemy planes came over the line and threw out signal lights over the front line position, when the enemy shelling got heavier. At 6.30pm the enemy put down a smoke barrage behind their front line and in front of Bailleul where they were seen to mass. SOS signalled from front was not seen but one of our planes signalled, upon which our artillery opened fire. The enemy massing had, however, been broken up by Lewis Gun and rifle fire. There was slight enemy shelling during night but nothing further happened. Our own artillery put down counter-preparation at 11pm. At night the Battalion was relieved by the 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and moved into Divisional Reserve at Mont des Cats. Our total casualties in the attack were four Officers wounded, five Other Ranks killed and one believed killed, 53 Other Ranks wounded. We captured 48 prisoners including ten wounded and estimated to have killed at least 70 including one Officer.[69]


Mont des Cats. The day was spent in cleaning up. Men were paid. Church service was held at 4pm. Lieutenant-Colonel P Kelly took over command of Battalion.[70]


Companies did training from 9am to 12 midday and from 1.30pm to 2.30pm. The "Merry Mauves" gave a performance at 2.30pm in the open air but it was curtailed owing to rain.

11.30pm. At night C Company went on work party to Blue Line but there were no tools available. Enemy put 60 gas shells into Godewaersvelde.[71]


Companies did usual training from 9am to 12 midday and 1.30pm to 2.30pm. Performance was given by the Divisional Concert Party at 2.30pm. D Company formed the work party at night and were engaged deepening communication trench between Meulehouck and front line. While passing through gas from enemy shells several men were "gassed".


The usual training was done, and concert performance. No work was done at night.


Training under Company arrangements in the forenoon and Colonel Kelly addressed the Battalion, congratulating it on the recent success. In the afternoon he addressed the Officers on the training for the coming fortnight when the Division would be out resting. At night the Battalion was relieved by the 15th Sherwood Foresters and moved into Corps Reserve at P.20.a.60.27 via Godewaersvelde, Eecke, and crossroads at P.30.a.05.22.


Reference Sheet 27 Belgium and France 1/40000. St Sylvestre Capelle. Arrival was complete at 4am. Companies were paid and inspections were held. Equipment was cleaned. Battalion standing-to all day. Battalion move at 7pm by light railway to Godewaersvelde, thence by march route to billets at Mont des Cats. Relieve 15th Battalion Sherwood Foresters, relief completed by 12 midnight.


Mont des Cats. Orders for Battalion to move in support of 109th Infantry Brigade. Position taken up our front line trenches of the 24th inst. in front of Moulhouck. Battalion Headquarters at Sammy Farm S.2.a.80.80.


[Signed] G.H Richardson, Lieutenant, A/Adjutant

for Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Officers, 31st August 1918


Rank                                       Name                                     


Lieutenant-Colonel              Kelly P.E.                              

Major                                     Tamplin R.J.A. DSO            

Captain                                  Menaul W.J.  MC                 Command

Captain                                  Cross G.H.

Captain                                  Brennan C.J.                          Command

Captain                                  MacClean P.E

Captain                                  Gibson G.H.

Captain                                  Godson E.A.  MC Command

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Lindsay R.H.

Lieutenant, A/Captain         Kerr C.H.               

Lieutenant                             Murphy W.A.

Lieutenant                             Bale F.S.

Lieutenant                             Richardson G.H.                  

Lieutenant                             Barnett J.B.

Lieutenant                             Bell A.G.F.

Lieutenant                             Lyons S.

Lieutenant                             Dobbyn A.L.  MC                Command

Lieutenant                             McCrum R.I.                          Command

Lieutenant                             Davidson A.                        

Lieutenant                             Wilson C.R.

2nd Lieutenant, A/Captain   Murphy J.J.  MC DCM       

2nd Lieutenant                       Reynolds E.W.                    

2nd Lieutenant                       Mateer N.C.                           Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Graham W.G.                        

2nd Lieutenant                       Moran S.F.                            Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Greenwood C.F.W.              Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Ross C.A.                             

2nd Lieutenant                       Leahy T.C.                             Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Burrows H.C.                       

2nd Lieutenant                       Boyd J.                                  

2nd Lieutenant                       Laird W.

2nd Lieutenant                       Bryson W.                            

2nd Lieutenant                       Kemp H.  MM                       Command

2nd Lieutenant                       Harvey A.G.                          Posted not joined                


Adjutant:  Captain Sparks W.  MC                                   Command

Quartermaster:  Hon. Lieutenant Wilson G.W.

Transport Officer:  Lieutenant A/Captain Morrow J.B.K

Attached:  Reverend W.B. Allman  (C.F.)

                   Captain Sutcliffe W.H. (Royal Army Medical Corps)


[Signed] G.H Richardson, Lieutenant, A/Adjutant

for Lieutenant-Colonel

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers





9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

September 1918


Reference Sheet 28 SW 3 Bailleul 1/10000, 28 SW 1/20000. Magilligan Camp, Bailleul. Keersebrom. The day was spent in making shelters. At dusk the Battalion relieved the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers at Cpyrian Farm (S.11.c.7.3). Battalion Headquarters was formed at S.11.c.75.75 on railway.


Noordhoek. At 6am a move was made to vicinity of Grampus Cottage. Battalion Headquarters was made at S.18.b.70.10. Various gun pits and shell holes being used as shelters. The Officers reconnoitered forward positions. At night the enemy shelled frequently with light field guns and 5.9s. 'A' Company had to move their quarters.


Neuve Eclise. At 7am Battalion moved to Eastwood Camp (T.14.a.90.60). At 7pm we relieved the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the line. Battalion Headquarters was formed at T.9.d.90.60. The line taken over ran through St Quentin Cabaret – T.11.b.60.00 – L'Alouette with Comapnies A, B, C and D from right to left, this line being about 500 yards in rear of line expected to be taken over


Wulverghem. At 8am Battle Headquarters was formed at T.10.d.05.80 and under an artillery barrage the Battalion, in conjunction with other Battalions on flanks, attacked. Good progress was made. D Company lost direction and got as far as Stinking Farm (U.7.a). Not being protected on flanks the enemy attempted to cut them off and the Company had to retire. Our line was established from road (T.6.d.35.80) where touch was made with the 30th Division, along hedge running south through T.6.d.4.0 to (rise?) in T.12.b then along breastwork trench from T.12.c.50.35 – T.18.a.80.90, with the gap between B and A Companies D Company was put in support along road running south through T.6.c and T.12.a. The enemy were not very numerous but their machine gun fire was heavy. The shelling was fairly heavy but was confined to vicinity of St Quentin Cabaret. During the operation Battle Headquarters was moved to T.5.d.80.40. Six prisoners were made, four of whom were sent through 29th Division on the right. Some of our men on the right were cut off and are thought to be made prisoners. The 29th Division took Hill 63 but did not come up far enough to cover our right flank. During the day there was an amount of sniping and machine gun fire and the enemy shelled St Quentin Cabaret and T.12.a with 5.9. In the afternoon he attempted a counter-attack by coming up along railway between B and A Companies, but was driven back by machine gun and rifle fire. At dusk our patrols were pushed forward to get the line behind Bristol Castle but were unable to do so owing to machine gun.[72]


Reference Sheet 28 SW 1/20000. Wulverghem. During the night [of 4/5 August] enemy patrols were out and signs of work were heard. A Company of the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers was ordered to fill up gap between B and A Companies. At 5am under a very light barrage two Platoons of C Company, two of B, and the Company of the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers were to attack the line Hanbury Support down to Irish Farm. The 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers were not in position, in time for the attack. B Company were held up by barbed wire and had to retire. C Company got into King Edward Trench, but being unsupported on either flank had to retire to jumping-off trench after holding out for an hour. The enemy artillery did not reply but his machine guns were active. The remainder of the day was quiet; occasional bursts of shelling near St Quentin Cabaret and farm at T.12.a.40.40. The Battalion was relieved at night by the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles on the line from road at T.6.d.40.80 along hedge running south through T.6.d.4.0 to river in T.12.b and from T.12.c.50.95 – T.18.a.80.90. The Company of 1st Battalion were holding line T.12.b.35.30 – T.12.b.20.10 and part of Plum Duff Street. Our casualties since coming into line were four Officers wounded (Lieutenants Murphy, Bell, Laird and Lyons), twenty Other Ranks killed, twenty Other Ranks missing and 103 Other Ranks wounded. We captured one anti-tank rifle, one light trench mortar, and three machine guns including a Vickers. On relief the Battalion moved to Divisional support at Cyprian Farm. The enemy shelled the roads during relief and the Battalion had to pass through gas shelling.[73]


Keersebrom. Arrival at billets was complete at 2am. Strength of Battalion [blank].The day was spent in cleaning up and organisation. Billets were made more habitable. Day was cold and wet.[74]


A complete change of clothing was made by whole Battalion. Inspections of clothing and equipment were held.


Berthen. At 2pm move was made to Berthen. Battalion Headquarters and A Company at R.16.d.60.50, B and D at Sutton Farm and C Company in Berthen. Route via S.17.c.75.80 – Bailleul – St Jans Cappel – Schaexhen.


Day was spent in cleaning up equipment and settling billets. Church of Ireland service was held at 11am. The Corps Commander visited the Companies in the afternoon.[75]


Battalion Headquarters moved to Chateau at R.22.d.10.95. Battalion bathed at Piebrouck and trained by Companies.


Companies did ordinary training. Remainder of Battalion bathed.


Berthen. Companies trained from 8am to 1 pm and in afternoon Officers and NCOs discussed the day's work and the work for the following day. At 11pm enemy put a few shells near Chateau.


Ordinary training by Companies. Commanding Officer inspected A and C Companies. Rifles were inspected by Armourer Sergeant.[76]


Ordinary training. Lieutenant F.W.Vint and 2nd Lieutenants Richey R.A, Hall F.H, Logan S, Humphreys F.D.R, joined the Battalion for duty.


Roman Catholic Church Parade at 10am and Church of England Parade at 11am.


Battalion moved to Asylum in Bailleul at 6.54pm and were all in billets by 10pm. Route by Schaaxen – St Jans Cappell.


Bailleul. Companies employed in cleaning up billets. Ordinary training also carried out by Companies. Battalion bathed at St Jans Cappell.


Training by companies. Sergeant Ferguson (D Company) awarded Military Medal. Signalling competition (C Company winners) and Lewis Gun competition (D Company winners).


Battalion moved to Berthen at 7.30pm, route by St Jans Cappel – Shaaxen. Platoon competitions (stretcher bearing and drill). Winners of stretcher bearing A Company, winners of Platoon competition (14 Platoon D Company).


Berthen. Battalion moved to Terdegem. Route by Mont-des-Cats – Godwaersvelde – Steenvorde. The Brigadier 108th Brigade reviewed Battalion marching through Godwaersvelde. Arrived in billets by 10pm.


Terdegem. Battalion moved to Watou at 7.16pm, route by Steenvorde. Arrived in billets at 9.30pm. Joined the Battalion, 2nd Lieutenants Steele J.H, Inglis J.M, Duncan R.S, and Kernaghan J.


Watou. Roman Catholic Church Parade at 11am. Church of England Church Parade with band at 11am. Court Martials of Privates Smith and Crockin promulgated. Football in afternoon.


Training. The Commanding Officer inspected the Battalion in the afternoon.


Adjutants' parade at 8.30am. Training by Companies, six men per Company instructed in German machine-gun by Machine Gun Company Sergeant. Football in afternoon, 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers beat 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers, A Company beat B Company, C Company beat D Company.


Company route marches in morning. Further instructions in German machine gun. 2nd Lieutenants H.C Burrows and Bryson awarded Military Cross and Lance Corporal Gracey (D Company) awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal for operations on 4th September 1918.


Battalion moved from Watou to Road Camp (St Jan-ter-Beizan) at 8pm. Arrived in camp 9.30pm.


Road Camp (St Jan-ter-Beizan). Battalion parade at 10am. All surplus kits stored and preparations made for move to Siege Camp (near Vlamertinge).[77]


Ypres. Battalion moved from St Jan-ter-Biezen by rail to Vlamertinge thence by road [or rail?] to Salvation Road, Ypres. Accommodation was very poor.


Battalion moved to Rifle Farm on Menin Road at 4am then to Glen Corse Wood at 7am and later to Reutel. Position was taken up at J.17.b and d with 12th Royal Irish Rifles on left. At 7pm Battalion moved to west of Becelaere in J.18.a and c. The Commanding Officer received verbal orders at Brigade Headquarters for an advance on Moorseele to begin at dawn. The evening and night were very wet and no rations arrived.


Becelaere. At 5.30am the Battalion, covered by an advance guard, moved forward through J.18.b, K.13 central to K.16.c. Information was received from Brigade to the effect that the 109th Brigade held Terhand and Dadizeele. Battalion was to pass through 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers at 7am. 12th Royal Irish Rifles to advance on our left, Terhand – Vijfwegen Road the inter-Battalion boundary, the first objective to be a line roughly north and south through Vijfwegen (K.24.a); second objective to be railway running north and south (K.20 and K.26 central); third objective to be Mooreseele. The 29th Division was on our right.

7am. 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers was on a line running south-west through K.21.a and c. 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were facing south with posts along Terhand – Vinwegen Road. The 1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were held up by machine gun fire and had lost touch with the 29th Division. A patrol discovered the 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers holding line running south from K.19.a.9.6 through K.19 central, i.e. 2000 yards in rear. B Company were sent to move along line of enemy wire through K.21.b, K.22.c and K.29.c to occupy high ground in K.30.a. C Company to move to right rear of B Company to protect flank, to get and keep in touch with 29th Division. A Company to move through K.22 central, K.23 central to K.24.c and to keep touch with 12th Royal Irish Rifles. D Company to move in support along Terhand – Vijfwegen Road. B and C Companies came under machine gun fire almost at once after moving through the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, but A Company met with no opposition until they reached the east side of Methuen Wood, when they came under machine gun fire from houses in K.23.d about 9.30am. About this time the reserve Company came under machine gun fire from a pill box on K.24.b.0.3 and Leadenhall Copse which were cleared in spite of stiff resistance by 12.30. Twelve prisoners and two machine guns were captured in this operation, and an Officer with twenty Other Ranks of the enemy being killed. All further attempts to advance our line beyond the general line of this pill box and Leadenhall Copse were prevented by very heavy machine gun fire from fortified farms on our right flank which was still hanging back. At about 1800 when the (2nd?) Royal Irish Rifles passed through the line to attack, the general line ran K.24.b.0.3 – Leadenhall Copse – K.23.d.2.5 – K.29.b.2.8. Our casualties during the day were six Officers (130?) Other Ranks.[78]


[Signed] R.J Tamplin


Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Royal Irish Fusiliers


Operation Orders No.24

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers



Map Reference Belgium and Part of France Sheet 7b.


1.  Relief Battalion will relieve 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers and 12th Royal Irish Rifles tonight from T.16.c.7.8 (on right) to left Brigade boundary in T.6.c.


2.  Four Companies will be in the line.

A Company in touch with 12th Royal Irish Rifles on the right to T.11.c.4.5.

B Company from T.11.c.4.5 to T.11.c.8.0.

C Company from T.11.c.8.0 to T.12.a.5.7.

D Company from T.12.a.5.7 to left Brigade boundary T.6.c.6.5.


3.  Each Company will have two Platoons forward at first.


4.  C and D Companies will find Guide at T.10.a.9.4 who will shew them where 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers are.  A Company will move to T.10.d.5.3 where a Company of the 12th Royal Irish Rifles are.  B Company will move to T.11.a.4.2 where a Company Headquarters of the 12th Royal Irish Rifles are. 


5.  Companies wil be ready to move at 6.30pm.  D Company leading they will not start until they receive orders. 


6.  Rations are expected to arrive before the move.


7.  Battalion Headquarters at Farm at T.9.d.6.3.


8.  Companies will report by Runner as soon as they are in their new position. 


9.  C and D Companies will relieve 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers who are already on their objective.  A and B Companies will endeavour to push forward as soon as possible and seize cottage T.11.c.6.3 and T.11.c.9.0 and T.11.d.3.3 and when Brigade on our right advance will seize objective T.19.a.4.8 to T.12.a.5.1.


10.  One Trench Mortar will move with A Company and will report to Officer Commanding A Company at 6pm.


11.  R.A.P. [Regimental Aid Post] will be at Battalion Headquarters.  R.A.P. of 12th Royal Irish Rifles is at Church in Neuveglise (T.15.a.central).


12.  Acknowledge.


13.  Issued at 6.10pm.


[Signed] (..?..)

Captain & Acting Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


3 September 1918


Operation Orders No.26

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers



Map Reference Sheet 28 SW 1/20,000


1.  The Battalion will be relieved by the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles tonight 5/6th September 1918.


2.  The incoming Companies will occupy the same relative positions as the 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers. 


3.  All trench stores will be handed over.


4.  Completion of relief will be reported by Company Commander's name to Battalion Headquarters. 


5.  Companies when relieved will march independently to new area at S.17.b.3.3 and will report arrival by Company Commander's name. 


6.  Interval of 100 yards will be maintained between platoons. 


7.  Rations will be dumped in new area.


8.  Limbers for Lewis Guns will be at advanced Battalion Headquarters if possible. 


9.  Company Commanders horses will be at advanced Battalion Headquarters. 


10.  Duplicates of receipts for trench stores handed over, to be sent to Battalion Headquarters by 3pm 6 September 1918.


11.  Guides will meet Companies in new area on road at S.18.a.6.2.


12.  Bailleul – Ravelsburg road may be used as far as Crucifix Corner S.18.a.6.2 west of this point the road is out of bounds and Companies will then proceed north of this road. 


13.  Care will be taken that liaison will be carefully handed over. 


14.  Acknowledge.


[Signed] (..?..)

Captain & Acting Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


5 September 1918


No.27 Operation Orders by

Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  8 September 1918


Reference Sheet 27 SE and 28 SW 1/20,000


1.  The Battalion will move today to Berthen area as under:

Battalion Headquarters       ) to Cato Copse R.16.d.6.5

A Company                           )

B and D Companies to Sutton Farm R.22.b.6.5

C Company to Berthen


2.  Order of march, Battalion Headquarters, A, B, C and D Companies, 200 yards between Companies, 50 yards between Platoons.


3.  Route.  Bailleul – St Jans Cappel.  Strict march discipline will be observed. 


4.  All Officers valises, mess kit, Company stores and Lewis Guns will be dumped on Road opposite Companies at 1pm. 


5.  All tents and shelters will be dumped at Battalion Headquarters by 1pm.


6.  Dinners at 11.30am.


7.  Companies will leave two men per Company behind to clean up Camp.  C Company to detail one NCO to take charge of this party. 


8.  Arrival in new area will be reported to Battalion Headquarters by runner. 


9.  Acknowledge. 


[Signed] (..?..)

Captain & Acting Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


8 September 1918


Copies to A Company, B, Company, C Company, D Company, Commanding Officer, 108th Infantry Brigade, War Diary, File. 


Operation Orders No.28

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E. Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  14th September 1918


Reference Sheet 27 SE and 28 SW 1/20,000


No.1  The Battalion will move into Divisional Support on the 15th September 1918 and will be billeted in the Asylum.


No.2        (a)  The Battalion will pass the starting point (R.22.a.40.00) at the following times:

                Band and Battalion Headquarters     6.54pm                    7.24pm [handwritten]

                C Company                                           6.56pm                    7.26pm [handwritten]

                B Company                                           6.59pm                    7.29pm [handwritten]

                D Company                                           7.02pm                    7.32pm [handwritten]

                A Company                                           7.05pm                    7.35pm [handwritten]


                Intervals of 200 yards between Companies and 30 yards between Platoons.


                (b)  The following Transport has been allotted:

                One G.S Wagon for Battalion Headquarters.

                One G.S Limber per Company for Lewis Guns and Mess Boxes.

                One G.S Wagon for Company Officers Kits.

                Maltese Cart for medical stores.


All Kits, Mess Boxes and Lewis Guns must be stacked on the road near Company Headquarters by 5.45pm.


                (c)  Advance parties consisting of Major R.J.A Tamplin DSO, Lieutenant A.L Dobbyn MC, and one NCO per Platoon and Battalion Headquarters will rendezvous at Battalion Headquarters at 2.30pm (15th inst.)


                (d)  Teas will be served at 4.30pm.  The Quartermaster will arrange for a hot meal after arrival. 


                (e)  The Quartermaster will arrange to hand over present billets to the incoming Unit.


No.3  The strictest attention is to be paid to march discipline.


No.4  Billets will be left in a perfectly clean an sanitary condition.




[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


14 September 1918


Issued through Signals at 6.15pm.


Copy No.

1              108th Infantry Brigade

2              A Company

3              B Company

4              C Company

5              D Company

6              Commanding Officer

7              Second in Command

8              Quartermaster

9              Transport Officer

10            Regimental Sergeant Major

11            War Diary

12            Cook Sergeant


No.28 Operation Orders

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  19 September 1918


Reference Sheet 27 SE and 28 SW 1/20,000


No.1  The Battalion will move to the Berthen Area tonight 19th September 1918.


No.2        (1)  Starting Point (S.14.b.2.8) will be passed:

                Battalion Headquarters 8pm

                B Company 8.03pm

                A Company 8.07pm

                D Company 8.11pm

                C Company 8.15pm


                (2)  Route.  St Jans Capel.


                (3)  Advance Parties.  The Quartermaster will arrange to take over billets this afternoon.  NCOs at present with Echelon B will assist him if required.  Billets to be taken over will be the same as those vacated on 16 September 1918.


                (4)  All blankets will be rolled in bundles of ten and stacked at Company Ration Dump at 5pm.  Each bundle will be clearly marked with the Company and Platoon's number. 


                (5)  All Officers Valises, Lewis Guns etc, will be stacked at Company Ration Dump 5.30pm.  The Transport Officer will arrange for the necessary transport at that hour.  He will also arrange to send on all Cookers immediately after tea.  Officers Mess Boxes will be sent on in advance in Cookers.


                (6)  Lieutenant A.L Dobbyn MC will hand over present billets to the Area Commandant.


                (7)  Echelon B will rejoin their Companies tonight, but in the event of the Battalion moving into the line at any time, they will remain behind. 


[Signed] A L Dobbyn, Lieutenant for

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

19 September 1918


Issued through Signals, at ................


Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No 5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Second in Command

Copy No.8 to Captain Kerr C.H.

Copy No.9 to Quartermaster

Copy No.10 to Transport Officer

Copy No.11 to Medical Officer

Copy No.12 to War Diary

Copy No.13 to War Diary


No.31 Operation Orders

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  21 September 1918


Sheet 27 1/40,000


No.1  The Battalion will march to the Watou Area tonight 21st September 1918.


No.2        (a) Order of march:


                Battalion Headquarters

                B Company

                C Company

                D Company

                A Company



Twenty-five yards between every group of six vehicles.  Intervals must be strictly kept.


                (b)  Route.  Steenvoorde – Cross Roads J.34.b – Road junction P.5.a.90.60 – K.3.d.


                (c)  The Battalion will be formed up ready to pass Cross Roads P.4.b.50.30 in above order at 7.16pm.  A and D Companies will march to starting point via Cassel – Steenvoorde Road. 


                (d)  On arrival the Battalion will be billeted in Borden and Endersley Camps K.3.d.8.5.  Transport Lines at K.10.b.4.9.  Billeting parties have been sent forward. 


                (e)  No halt will be made until the Battalion is clear of Steenvoorde. 


                (f)  Dress.  Full marching order, Steel Helmets will be worn by all ranks, Waterbottles filled. 


                (g)  All Officers Mess kit will be placed in Company Cookers. 


No.3  Every precaution is to be taken against observation from the air and the necessity for the utmost secrecy is to be impressed on all ranks to whom these orders have to be communicated.  In case of Enemy Aircraft flying over the column, Companies will at once get into cover at the side of the road. 


[Signed] W Sparks

Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

21 September 1918



Issued through Signals at ...................


Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No 5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Second in Command

Copy No.8 to Transport Officer

Copy No.9 to Quartermaster

Copy No.10 to Cook Sergeant

Copy No.11 to Medical Officer

Copy No.12 to War Diary

Copy No.13 to War Diary


No.31 Operation Orders

by Lieutenant Colonel P.E Kelly

Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

B.E.F.  26 September 1918


Reference Sheet 27


No.1  The Battalion will move to Road Camp today 26th September 1918.


No.2        (a)  The Battalion will parade ready to move off at 8pm in the following order:

                Battalion Headquarters

                C Company

                D Company

                B Company

                A Company


Intervals                                50 yards between Companies. 

                                50 yards between read Company and Transport

                                25 yards between every six vehicles.


                (b)  Route.  Road Junction K.4.d.30.70 – Watou Square – road junction K.5.a.5.6.


                (c)  After passing road junction K.5.a.5.6 Companies will march in file. 


                (d)  All Officers Valises will be sent to Quartermaster Stores by 2pm.  Officers Mess Boxes will be carried on cookers. 


                (e)  Echelon B personnel will parade at Battalion Headquarters at 2.30pm under Captain C.H Kerr and will move to Headquarters 12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles E.25.c.0.9.  Blankets, Officers Kits, dixies etc will be stacked at Orderly Room at 2pm.  This party will carry rations for consumption on 27th inst.  Transport Officer will arrange for necessary transport at 2pm.


                (f)  Lieutenant F.W Vint with a guard of six men will remain at Transport Lines in charge of surplus kits.  Men will be selected from Echelon B and must not be due for leave or rest camp. 

                2 Other Ranks A Company

                2 Other Ranks B Company

                1 Other Rank C Company

                I Other Rank D Company.


                (g)  Dress.  Full Marching order, waterbottles must be filled.


                (h)  2nd Lieutenant Inglis J.M. will report at Brigade Headquarters at Houtkerque at 4pm today to synchronise watches.  He will report to the Adjutant at 3pm. 


                (i)  The Quartermaster will arrange for a hot tea to be served on arrival.


                (j)  The Quartermaster will hand over billets to incoming Unit. 


Captain & Adjutant

9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


26 September 1918




Issued through Signals at ................


Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade

Copy No.2 to A Company

Copy No.3 to B Company

Copy No.4 to C Company

Copy No 5 to D Company

Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer

Copy No.7 to Second in Command

Copy No.8 to Quartermaster

Copy No.9 to Transport Officer

Copy No.10 to Medical Officer

Copy No.11 to War Diary

Copy No.12 to War Diary


Operations, September 28th to October 2nd

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

September 28th.  The Battalion moved from St Jean D'Bizen to rail to Flammertinge, thence by road to Salvation Corner, Ypres. Accommodation poor.

September 29th.  Moved 4am to Rifle Farm on Menin Road.

7am to Glencorse Wood and later to Reutel. Battalion took up a position J.17.b & d with 12th Royal Irish Rifles on our left.

About 7pm the Battalion took up a position west of Becelaere in J.18.a & c.

At 7pm Commanding Officers were sent for to report at Brigade and had verbal order issued for an advance on Moorseele to begin at dawn 30th September. Very wet evening and night. Rations not received.

September 30th.  Moved forward at 5.30am. Battalion covered by an advance guard through J.18.b, K.13 central to K.16.c.

Latest information from Brigade to the effect that the 109th Brigade held Terhand and Dadizeele. Battalion to pass through 1st Battalion Inniskilling Fusiliers at 7am.

12th Royal Irish Rifles advancing on our left. Terhand – Vijfwegen Road the inter Battalion boundary.

1st Objective – A line roughly north and south through Vijfwegen.

2nd Objective – Railway running north and south J.20 central K.26 central.

3rd Objective – Moorseele. /29th Division on our right.

7am found 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers on a line running south-west through K.21 a & c.

9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were facing south with posts along the Terhand – Vijfwegen Road.

1st Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers told me they were held up owing to machine gun fire and had lost all touch with the 29th Division. I sent an Officer's patrol to get touch with 29th Division. They found the 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers on a line running south from K.19.a.9.6 through K.19 central, i.e. 2000 yards in rear.

I sent B Company to move along line of enemy wire through K.21.b, K.22.c and K.29.c.0.0 to occupy high ground in K.30.a. C Company to move along (..?..) to right rear of B Company to protect my flank and get and keep touch with 29th Division. A Company to move through K.22 central, K.23 central to K.24.c and to keep touch with 12th Royal Irish Rifles. D Company to move in support along Terhand – Vijfwegen Road (the only road really existing in the area).

I reported the situation at 7.10am and sent message to 12th Royal Irish Rifles that I could not keep up with their advance which was unopposed to Dadizeele. B and C Companies came under machine gun fire almost at once after moving through the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, but A Company on the left met with no opposition until they reached the east side of Methuen Wood, when they came under machine gun fire from houses in K.23.d about 9.30am.

Finding the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers along the Terhand – Vijfweben Road and being told by them that their line ran to two kilometres east of the latter village and that they had posts down the road running south-west from it, I decided to push forward my reserve Company to Vijfweben so as to keep touch with the Royal Irish Rifles, who were now well in advance of my left and then by pushing south to K.24.c help the other Companies to advance.

At 9.30am on reaching K.23.b.5.6, D Company came under machine gun fire from Leadhall Copse to houses in K.23.d.

The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were standing about the road and were unaware of the proximity of the enemy. One of their Officers now told me that his Battalion had been in Vijfweben but had withdrawn and so the enemy had apparently advanced again.

At about 10am I ordered A and D Companies to attack and clear the ground to the railway to the railway [sic] from Vijfwegen to K.23.d.(?). This was done with slight casualties, the enemy retiring from house to house as we approached them.

By 10.30am B Company had cleared Walpole Copse, Turnbull Farm, Goldsmith Farm and Pawn Farm, but were held up by heavy fire from from [sic] the south-east and south. C Company were facing south along a line through K.28 central, K28.a.3.4 from which they could see the 29th Division to the south-west and were in touch with them by patrols. The 29th Division were held up and so my right could not push on further.

At 11am I now found my left held up by a strong point and pill box at K.24.a.9.4 and by the enemy in Sandsfield Farm and another farm at K.24.c.4.2. I arranged a joint attack on these two so as to assist the 12th Royal Irish Rifles, who reported that they were attacking on my left.

By 12.30pm the strong point at K.24.a.9.4 was captured with twelve prisoners and two machine guns, an Officer and twenty Other Ranks being killed. The remainder of the garrison, which numbered nearly 100, were pursued up the hill for 300 or 400 yards, but our men had to return to the strong point owing to heavy machine gun fire from flanks. The strong point was held and Dimehouse occupied and touch established with the 12th Royal Irish Rifles. The attack on Sandsfield House failed owing to enemy counter-attack which was launched from Carton House. The enemy crept down hedges between Denbenham House and Sandfield Farm and took our attack in flank just as they reached the farms.

At 1.30pm a second attack was attempted but could not progress owing to heavy crossfire from the south and from Cheviot Corner.

4.00pm. During the whole day the machine gun fire kept increasing and was by now very heavy and all movement was very difficult. The shellfire was becoming very heavy, especially about Leadhall Copse.

The 29th Division were not coming up, and my front was already very extended, 2,500 yards. I had lost five Officers and about 100 Other Ranks so I decided not to attack further but reorganise the Companies until the right began to come up.

At 4.30pm an attack by the 12th Royal Irish Rifles on my left failed and they retired to Dime House by 5.30pm.

At 6.00pm the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles moved up and advanced through C and D Companies. they appear to have reached the farm immediately south-west of Sansfield Farm but I was never able to find where their front was. One Officer and part of a Company reached my extreme left at K.24.a.9.4.

At about 10pm I received instructions to take my right Companies back into reserve. A patrol was sent forward at night to keep touch with 2nd Royal Irish Rifles but was cut off and did not get back until the following night.

October 1st.  At 6.15am 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers were to attack on my left, capture Hill 41 and advance, my Battalion to follow in reserve. The attacking troops reached Cheviot Corner and Twig Farm.

At 9.30am I was informed by Brigade that machine gun fire from Sandsfield Farm was bothering them. I organised an attack on this farm but could get no definite news as to where the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles were. An Officer's patrol sent out to Farm at K.24.c.4.3 was held up by machine gun fire.

At 11am just as attack was about to start I received orders to stop attack as enemy were counter-attacking 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers and I must hold my men in reserve. The attack was stopped. I was told to preserve my men in case the enemy broke through to the left and therefore did not attack again. My line ran K.29.b.2.9 – K.2(3?).d.9.3 – House K.23.d.25.50 – House K.23.d.3.8 – Pill Box K.23.(?).3.1 – K.23.d.9.9 – along edge of wood to K.22.a.4.4 – Pill Box K.2(4?).a.9.4. This remained my front until the Battalion was relieved.

At 5pm a patrol reported Stansfield House occupied by 2ns Royal Irish Rifles. It is possible they mistook house at K.24.c.4.2 as enemy still seemed to fire from Stansfield House.

At 9.15pm 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles moved through my front and Companies were gradually withdrawn.

At 5am Battalion moved back west of Terhand.


Our casualties


3 killed

1 died of wounds                                                 Nearly all by

4 wounded                                                            machine gun fire

Other Ranks                                                         and sniping

139 killed, wounded and missing

Enemy casualties

Difficult to say. Not heavy.

Enemy fighting qualities

Good. Farms etc strongly held. No desire to surrender. Advanced whenever possible. Prisoners of a good type.

Artillery fire

Ours negligible.

Enemy's – slight at first, increasing constantly, heavy on the 1st. Enemy trench mortar fire also heavy. Enemy was very quick at picking out his front and kept his shelling very close in front of his line.

Machine gun fire

Very heavy indeed throughout until (..?..) of October 1st when it quietened on our front.


With Companies by Lucas Lamps.

With rear, through (?) (C.R.E.?) (line?) during advance, afternoon (ditto?) by telephone.

Smoke Grenades

Were used with success. Enemy sometimes ran from the smoke, presumably fearing Gas.

Medical arrangements

Wheeled stretchers would have been of great assistance.


Most of the wire marked on maps is very strong, but plenty of gaps.

Most of the roads have disappeared.

Condition of ground

Good, marshy in places.

Stokes Gun

Useless owing to cartridges getting wet and none were forthcoming until October 1st.

Machine Guns

Did not arrive until afternoon of the 30th September, suffered heavily from shell fire.


Rain on September 30th heavy and continuous, made all observation difficult and added greatly to the hardships of the men.

No rations received for the 30th September and Battalion had to attack without breakfast, after spending all night in heavy rain and muddy trenches without cover. In spite of this they fought with considerable (distinction?).


[Signed] P Kelly

Lieutenant Colonel

Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers





9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion

Royal Irish Fusiliers

October 1918


Dadizeele. Ref Sheet 28. The 2nd Royal Irish Rifles relieved the Battalion in the line south of Hill 41. On relief the Battalion moved into Divisional Reserve in K.14.a. One Officer and fifteen Other Ranks casualties were incurred during relief. Remainder of day spent in checking casualty lists, deficiencies, etc.[79]


Battalion remained in K.14.a.[80]


Battalion remained in K.14.a.[81]


The Battalion relieved the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers on Hill 41. Battalion Headquarters at K.18.c.10.60.

Strength 13 Officers, 390 Other Ranks. The night passed quietly except for harassing fire on roads behind our lines.[82]


The enemy put down harassing fire for one hour before dawn and dusk, but barrage line was well behind our line and no casualties were incurred. Northern boundary of Battalion adjusted to L.13.c.25.00.[83]


The day passed quietly except for heavy enemy counter preparation in which only 4.2 and 77mm were used. During the night Mansard Farm and copse K.24.b.5.3 were occupied without opposition. Few casualties suffered during the night from machine-gun fire. 2nd Lieutenant Bryson was killed on patrol whilst reconnoitering Goldflake Farm which was found to be occupied in force by the enemy.[84]


Nothing of interest to note. Battalion continued to hold the line. Hostile counter preparation was intense at periods, especially before dawn and at dusk. About twenty casualties suffered. Aerial activity greatly increased on the 9th. Each night all wire behind our line was cut in order to facilitate the advance of attacking troops in the near future.[85]


Enemy counter preparation at dusk and dawn became very heavy. Our heavies commenced wire cutting in front of Martell Farm. Enemy E.A. very active during the day. Plans for the capture and consolidation of Goldflake Farm were made. Our post at Mansard Farm had been evacuated during the day owing to wire cutting operations and had been reoccupied by the enemy. At dusk a small party rushed the farm under cover of a smoke barrage, capturing one machine-gun. The garrison ran back to their own lines, leaving identifications. A patrol during the night heard enemy digging in the vicinity of Martell Farm.[86]


Hill 41. At dawn a party of thirty Other Ranks under 2nd Lieutenant Darling MC formed up in Twig Farm. (See Appendix No.1.) At 10.00 under cover of a barrage and smoke screen, they rushed Goldflake Farm, capturing fourteen prisoners, three machine-guns, and killing about ten of the enemy. A position about 100 yards south-west of the farm was consolidated. The hostile barrage was extremely heavy and (?) were (retired?) for the first time. Our casualties were one killed and two wounded. At about 17.50 the enemy counter-attacked heavily on Goldflake, Mansard and Twig Farms. The garrison in Goldflake Farm withdrew after inflicting very heavy casualties on the enemy, who were caught in (f...?) on the road. The garrison of Mansard Farm was surrounded and fought their way back. The enemy succeeded in reaching Twig Farm but was held up by a small party which still held out in front of the farm. The enemy was finally cleared from Twig Farm by a counter attack. Mansard and Goldflake Farms remained in his hands. Lieutenant-Colonel P.E Kelly was killed during the day by a shell. Our casualties during the day were two Officers and 25 Other Ranks. The Battalion was relieved by the 12th Royal Irish Rifles and on relief moved into Brigade reserve in vicinity of Pease Corner. (See Appendix No.2.)[87]


Dadizeele. Day spent in reserve reorganizing and checking, making up deficiencies. Major R.J.A Tamplin DSO took over command of the Battalion.


Dadizeele. Remained in reserve. At 17pm [sic] 12th Royal Irish Rifles recaptured Goldflake Farm.[88]


Terhand. At 2am Battalion moved to area K.15.a, our position in the line being taken over by the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. At 05.35 under a very heavy artillery barrage the whole Army attacked, the 107th and 109th Brigades being in the front line, the 108th in support. At 09.00 we followed up the advance and took up position in L.20.c. (See Appendix No.3.)[89]


Moorseele. 09.00. The advance was resumed and we moved to Copper Corner (L.23.a).


Heule. Courtrai. 02.00. Moved to Heule via Moorseele and Gulleghem. Battalion formed up between G.23.d.6.5 and G.24.a.30.00. A and B Companies in front line, A on right, C in support, and D in reserve in readiness for attack. Enemy artillery was very quiet. Patrols of the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers informed us that country was clear of enemy up to River Lys but under artillery barrage we attacked at 05.35. (See Appendix No.4.) The Barrage was poor and short, causing three casualties. No opposition was met with except one machine-gun on railway at H.25.d, which was dealt with. Battalion reached the river, taking up positions commanding the opposite bank. The bridge at H.25.d.3.6 was destroyed and the railway bridge at H.25.a partially so at the opposite bank. C Company formed a defensive flank along railway in G.30.b, and D stayed at G.24.d. The houses contained numbers of civilians. Touch was kept with 12th Royal Irish Rifles on our left. At 14.00 under cover of smoke screen from rifle smoke bombs and artillery supported by trench mortars a section of Royal Engineers bridged the river and 2nd Lieutenants Steele and Logan with party thirty Other Ranks (D Company) crossed and took up positions at H.25.d.30.50 and on the main street and near the bank to cover the bridge. The smoke screen did not last long enough, however, and the bridge being detected, came under machine-gun fire from railway about H.31.a.80.60 and was partly destroyed. The Royal Engineers section had three Officers and about a dozen casualties and were unable to complete the bridge, leaving our men cut off on the opposite side. This party knocked out two machine-guns and captured six prisoners. At 6pm under cover of night it withdrew, coming across by one of the boats. C Company was moved up and relieved B Company. At 7pm Battalion was relieved by the 23rd Middlesex and on relief moved to area Drie-Masten (L.12.c.05.55). Total casualties for the day were 2nd Lieutenant Inglis wounded, one Other Ranks killed and 24 Other Ranks wounded. Strength of Battalion on relief: ...... Officers, ...... Other Ranks. (See Appendix No.5.)[90]


Drie Masten. Morning was spent in cleaning, reorganization and inspections.[91]


Battalion paraded at 10am for presentation of medal ribbons by the Divisional Commander at which he gave a short address.[92]


Ordinary inspections and Church Parades in morning.


Battalion moved at 08.00 via Drie Masten, Winkle St Eloi, Lendelede to area B.19.c.25.20. In the afternoon Battalion bathes at Lendelede in German baths. Moved at 22.30 via Hulste to area B.24.a. (See Appendix No.6.)


At 7.30am the 108th Infantry Brigade (1st Royal Irish Fusiliers in front line) attacked in conjunction with 107th Infantry Brigade on right flank and French on left without artillery preparation. 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers advanced to railway line in C.28 and later got to Spitaal due south through C.29.d – I.5.c and d to road at I.6.c.00.70 getting into (trench?) with 107th Infantry Brigade on right. French were held up on left by machine-gun fire from area C.23.a. At 09.00 Battalion moved to C.19.d.92.94 via Step Bridge at C.9.a.20.00. During day pontoon bridge at C.14.c.70.60 was shelled at intervals.


Enemy bombardment on French at 08.45 seemed to be counter-preparation. Attack by 107th Infantry Brigade and 9th Division at 09.20. Enemy shelled Desselghem fairly heavily.


1st Royal Irish Fusiliers reached Heinweg [Heirweg?] but French were held up on railway. At 13.30 Battalion moved to Leemput (I.4.b). Strength of Battalion: 15 Officers, 350 Other Ranks. (See Appendix No.7.)[93]


At 18.00 Battalion relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles in support and moved to area I.4.b. (See Appendix No.8.)


Weather fine but dull towards midday. Battalion in support to 12th Royal Irish Rifles in attack on line J.36.c.0.4 – J.36.a.3.2 through G in Bergstraat through N in Ansegham to northern boundary at J.24.c.0.0. Heavy machine-gun opposition was encountered and an advance of about 1,000 yards was made. Strength of Battalion going into action: 12 Officers and 276 Other Ranks. Casualties: Lieutenant F.W Vint and 2nd Lieutenant J Darling MC wounded, 7 Other Ranks killed and 37 Other Ranks wounded.[94]


Weather very fine. Positions captured during 25th consolidated. German observation balloon brought down by our aeroplanes near Worteghem. (See Appendix No.9.)[95]


Weather fine in morning but dull towards evening. Battalion was relieved in the line by 4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment, 34th Division, and proceeded to billets in Hulste. (See Appendix No.10.)[96]


Hulste. Weather fine. Men in good spirits after night's rest, received kindly attention from civil population who cooked the men's food etc.


Weather fine. Battalion moved at 08.30 via Bisseghem to Lawe where they were billetted for the night. (See Appendix No.11.)


Lawe. Weather continues fine. Service for Roman Catholics held in Lawe church at 08.00. Usual inspections and reorganisation carried out during morning. Company Commanders lectured their Companies on 'The Course of the War'.


Lawe. Weather fine. Usual parades and inspections carried out in morning. In the evening the civil population were invited to a dance held in the School Room Lawe and a pleasant evening was spent. 

During the month the Battalion was engaged in almost continuous fighting. Congratulatory messages etc attached. (see Appendix No.12.)

Roll of Officers present with Battalion on 31.10.18. (See Appendix No.13.)

During the month the Battalion received five Military Crosses, three Distinguished Conduct Medals, ten Military Medals, two Bars to Military Medals. The Commanding Officer heartily congratulates, roll of which is given in Appendix 14.


[Signed] R.J Tamplin


Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

List of Appendices to War Diary, 1 – 31 October 1918


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